Georgia Piedmont Technical College hopeful for 2012 fall Lpn program

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    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone too the TEAS test on June 4 and 5 (2012) and if so....what is your gpa and Teas score? Also. has anyone heard anything yet? I hate waiting!
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    I took the TEAS V on the 4th and my GPA is 4.0. Check your student email if you got in they sent it out on monday the 18th. I hope you made it
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    once again didnt make it. did you?
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    wait what school do you go to?
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    Georgia piedmont tech...formerly dekalb tech
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    Okay, good just making sure I have read so many different post on here but anyways. yes I made it and I am sorry that you didn't make it in but there is a rumor that they are going to widen the program for January 2013 and they will pick 50 students instead of 25 even though they only pick 17 this time, so I was told. (you might want to ask your nursing adviser).. I was rooting for you to get in I saw where you posted about taking the TEAS V exam.. but have you considered other schools close to you? That was ALWAYS a option I left open for myself. What was your TEAS V score?
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    Please Do not get discouraged, God will make a way for you
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    Oh really? 50 ppl? I dont know why they only accept so little now.This is my second time trying. I made a 64 on the teas test. I didnt finish 15 questions in the reading part...wasnt paying attention to the time. I have a 3.4 gpa. I spoke to a girl that had a 2.8 and she said she got in. she scored in the 70s on her teas. I am really really in awe at how she got in. but anyways I have been looking into other schools but they are so far away. but anyways....what did you score on you teas?
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    Ya that was what I was told but like I said, I would speak to an adviser. I made a 62 but I have a 4.0 so my overall score was a 50. I think the reason why I did so poorly cause I had to guess on the reading part and some of the math bc I was running out of time. I wish I would've managed my time better, but hey I can't fix that. I did better on my practice TEAS V test. I will just blame my low score on nerves and running out of time lol . Are you going to try again in the fall? You do know they will be selecting again? That was one of my plans if I didn't make it..
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    Yeah I will try one more time if I dont go to southern crescent. Im looking into that school as we speak. But a friend of mine tried to get in and she got a 71 and had a 3.75 and she didnt get in either. They say they look at the combine score but honestly I dont know anymore. I never in my life expected to be rejected twice! I think they need to raise the TEAS score to a low 70, so the selection process wont have so many applicants and those of us that do better will have a better chance getting in. Oh and I did way better on my practice test....I made an 86........If I retake it in the fall, Ill be sure to pay close attention to the readingpart and make sure I dont run out of time. Oh and I have tried calling and adviser, emailing them too, and no one ever responds.Its frustrating! But keep in touch with me....when is your mandatory meeting?