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Hello! I was just wondering if anyone too the TEAS test on June 4 and 5 (2012) and if so....what is your gpa and Teas score? Also. has anyone heard anything yet? I hate waiting!... Read More

  1. by   MindyydniM
    I will for sure! I really hope I did get in this time.....Im hoping to find out on the 19th which is my birthday....I am so nervous!! I was trying to aim for at least a 68 to 70...but I had test B which seemed much harder this time.....I wasnt expecting it to be that difficult. Anyways...Ill keep you posted....
  2. by   MindyydniM
    I hate waiting......I am really nervous. I pray to God I made it this time....
  3. by   peachshan
    Hey Mindy! I am hoping you get in! I am still looking into the LPN program as an option. I am trying to patient but I am so ready to be a nurse!
  4. by   MindyydniM
    I know I want to be a nurse already too! I hate waiting.......they said I should know something this week....omg the waiting is killing me...its so stressful!
  5. by   MindyydniM
    OMG!!!! I GOT IN!!!!! FINALLY!!!
  6. by   Tessential
    HEY!!! I'm currently a student at GPTC and I'm also studying to get into the LPN program for the school. Reading your messages on here has been such an inspiration to me!!!! What was the national average for the TEAS exam when you took it, how many students did they take this semester, and how is preparation for the program going?!?!? I'm sure your your super busy in preparing for it, but when you get a chance message me back!!! Once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can wait to take the test and get in the program!!!!
  7. by   MindyydniM
    Hello! I think the national average stayed at 55.6 all 3 times I took the teas. I passed every time but I wasn't selected. I got so discouraged at first but its a passion so I never gave up. The testis very nerve wrecking and its hard. But you need to study as long and as much as you can between now and then. How much longer before you take it? Make sure you can keep your GPA up as high as possible....that is what messed me up the first 2 times I took the test. I had pretty high teas scores but I never made it because I didn't have a 4.0. I still don't but I did great on the teas test. I. Have a 3.4 or 3.5 and I scored a 68 on the teas test. Together. With those scores I beat several 4.0 with low teas scores. But anyways its all about your motivation. If your heart is in it then have faith in yourself. I mean don't get me wrong when I got the 'not selected" letter I was crushed......then another one......and then finally the best letter of my life! O cried so hard when I saw that email! I knew then that all my hard work and my mediocre GPA was worth it and I wasn't stupid after all. I'm telling you....I always thought I was super smart(excapt in math) until I didn't get in twice! But I realized it just wasn't time yet. I'm actually getting all the things done before school and damn do the make you do a **** load of things....not to mention the out of pocket expenses that financial aid doesn't cover. Be prepared to save up at least 2000 to be. Comfortable . Trust me....when a classmates told me that I really didn't believe her and now I do. OMG do I believe her now!!!!! My books are going to be about $700.00 at the bookstore so I'm thinking about renting them or going another place. That's just so unreal. But anyways as of now where do you stand one the program?
  8. by   MindyydniM
    Oh and I forgot ....the took 20 of the highest scores and 5alternate students in case one of the 20 decided to drop out o r failed background check and drug test.
  9. by   MindyydniM
    Hey! I was just wanting to let you know that its so much work!!!! OMG I under estimated everything. Could be that my first week was so stressful and kind of scary. But honestly I freakin love every minute of it except annoying cassmates...but that comes with every class I guess. Oh and be prepared to spend a bunch of money ....scrubs...stethoscope...blood pressure cuff. pen light...uniforms (almost $100 a piece) and shoes.....etc. they are picky about the shoes so dont buy any until they show or tell you whats aceptable. Well I am going to run...I have a 6 chapter test I have to study for (take it monday) Good luck to you!!!
  10. by   Tessential
    OMG Im sorry I haven't responded back to you sooner . Ive been so busy with school,my kids, you know life in general. Thank you for all the great advice. I'm so PUMPED about getting into this program its insane lolol It's all I talk about. My husband and I drove out to the Clarkston campus already just to time traffic lolol.

    Currently my GPA stands at a 3.3 which I'm not really happy with but I can say I'm proud at how hard I worked to earn that "B" lol I HAVE BEEN BUSTING MY BUTT studying for the TEAS V exam which I take May 22nd. On the part A online exam I scored a 57% which from the looks of it would have barely had me passing. I need to brush up on everything particularly Science and Grammer. I can't believe financial aid doesn't cover most of the expenses for the program. That crazy.

    How are you doing now?

    When do you think your graduating? ****name redacted per site ToS****(my counselor) came to the school and held a meeting with potential PN Nursing students a few weeks back and she was so informative.

    She's so sweet!!! She really stressed how the program is hard and time consuming, but I've already informed my family that they would be babysitting, and I told my husband we may need another car. Thanks for responding back, your feedback was awesome!!! Congrats again!!!! PRAY FOR ME!!!!
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  11. by   MindyydniM
    Oh its fine! I know life is crazy........I will pray for you! I was just thinking the other day about how hard I thought the TEAS test was.....and it was to me....but what youre in for is honestly way harder. and guess what....ATI will haunt you ...youre not done with ATI after the TEAS test. I HATE makes me nervous and the critical thinking questions are so confusing.....they give you 4 correct answers but one is more correct then the others. So have to know everything. I am doing OK....I made it through my first semester!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO giurl....I was so scared. We lost so many ppl. We started w 26 or 27 and ere down to 11! We start back on May 20.....with OB...I am so excited! Oh and at the book store the OB book is $400!...needless to say I bought mine online for $24.99! (used.. but thats OK!) Well anyways.....I noticed that you said Clarkston campus.....have they added the PN program there too? I thought it was only offered at the Newton campus in Covington. I also heard spaces are soo limited this time around because the students that failed have one more time to get in...I think they are actually gauranteed placement. Try to score as high as possible on the TEAS. Please let me know how you did! Ill be waiting!!!
  12. by   Tessential
    Hey!!! Yeah I meant the Newton campus not Clarkston. I do recall Ms.Snagg mentioning that they started with like 20 somethin
    Students and now the numbers have dropped drastcally. I'm getting the jitters about the exam but I'm keepin the faith as well.
    S/O to you for finding those book deals lol Your my kinda girl lolol. I'm not worried about the numbers, and I promised myself I wouldn't stress. I'm giving God the control so if this is for me, he'll let me have it with no stresses. I'll just continue to keep doin my part studying and pushin for the best. Thank you again and ill keep you updated.
  13. by   MindyydniM
    Well....did you get in? You just have to keep me posted!!!! Youre killing me!

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