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Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) current or upcoming students

  1. 0 To any current or upcoming GPC student:

    Question #1:
    Will Spring 2011 students have the ipod Touch or ipad as part of the technology grant program? I read that this program was in existance currently with first year students having the ipod Touch and second year students the ipad. Does anyone know if this will continue for 2011 newly enrolled students?

    Question #2:
    Are there any currently enrolled GPC nursing students that would be willing to field some questions regarding clinicals and class time from me? I have been admitted to the Spring 2011 class and am trying to plan for family/work moving forward.

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    I believe you will have the iTouch. I'm not 100% positive on that though.

    I can try to answer questions for you about class/clinicals. The only thing predictable about the schedule is that it won't be predictable. Feel free to ask for specifics though!
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    For clinicals - I see they have listed a choice of Th/F; F/Sat; Sat/Sun and times being either 7a-3p ir 3p-11p.

    1. Does the student get to pick which of these days and/or times they want?
    2. If you pick one day/time, does it stay the same for the entire semester?
    3. What if you want to make a change, let's say you were doing the Th/F 7a-3p and mid-semester you wanted to change to Sat/Sun 3p-11p? Is that allowable?

    For first semester (NURS 1921) I see for ONLY the first week class will be Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9-3 then subsequent weeks class will be Tues/Wed 9a-12noon. Is there other class time or should we expect to only be in class Tues/Wed from 9a-12noon?

    Thank you so much!!
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    Clinicals: You can list preferences on the clinical sheet for days/times, but it won't necessarily be honored. There is always the option of trading with a classmate for a different time slot. In first semester, I believe you have five weeks of clinicals and it is every other week. They start after several weeks of class. You can't switch groups once you start. So you have the same day and time for the entire semester. You should also count on the start time being 6:30 and getting out about 30 minutes earlier. Most groups do this, but not all.

    Class: Those will be the only times you are in lecture, but you can count on being there more than that. For clinical skills lab, you have a PLA to teach skills that are an hour long plus you need to practice a minimum of an hour. Practice time is flexible; PLA's are not. When I was in fundamentals, PLA's were scheduled at different times during the week. We normally had them on Mondays, but your class time seems shorter so they may be after class now. There is no telling when they will be.
    There are also check-off's for skills that take up to 30 minutes. You sign up for these times, although sometimes it is difficult to get the time you need.

    Many of my classmates have work/family/school going on all at the same time. It is possible; you will just need flexibility.

    Feel free to ask any other questions!
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    Thanks knittingmonster!
    You are very kind to help answer some of my questions. I am trying to juggle some things the first semester and the more I know in advance, the better I can prepare for juggling school and other that first semester.

    You said in first semester, we should have five weeks of clinicals and that clinicals happen every other week. So does this mean one week you have class, PLA, Practice skills time, and clinicals and the next you have class, PLA, practice skills time and NO CLINICALS? If so, during those weeks, I'm sure there is studying, reading to do, but the timeline to read and study is more flexible on those weeks since you aren't committed to being in the classes PLUS the clinical?

    You said clinicals don't start for a couple of weeks. Is there more time you spend in class on those first couple of weeks?
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    I went and looked and I still have my schedule from first semester! Yours will definitely vary because I know there have been changes in skills lab--I don't know what they are though. For an idea, though, here is what we had.

    The first week, we had orientation the first day and lecture the second day. There was also a little bit of time spent in the lab.

    Second week, we had PLA on Monday, lecture on T/W, check-off's could be done as early as Thursday of that week and as late as the following Friday.

    After that, we pretty much had class T/W, PLA's every other Monday with check-off's the end of that week and the next. PLA's occasionally were spaced at a tiny bit more.

    We had clinical orientation the fourth week of school. The fifth week clinicals started for Group 1 and the sixth week Group 2 started. You alternate from there. There is also sim lab, which is one day tossed in that you go to simulation lab and do a fake clinical experience.

    We spent a LOT of time on campus that first semester. I always did my practice right after PLA to get it out of the way. That only meant two or three hours on campus and then I could use the rest of the day for reading/studying. Check-off's only take a bit of time out of the day. If you manage to get them after class, then you have the rest of the week free. I never managed to do that, but it is a good way to make more free days in your week.

    Juggling it all will give you some good time management skills!
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    This is about as detailed as it gets. Thank you for taking the time to provide this information in such detail. Extremely helpful for me and many others, I'm sure. Double kudos.
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    Thanks for asking these questions! I will be starting in January also! December 9th can't come soon enough!
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    Hey Cloggersmom,
    Have you registered for 1921? Do you know the last date we can register for this class? I believe we have to pay as soon as you register or your dropped. I see there are 75 seats for the class and 30 somthing still available. I'm assuming they will hold open enough seats for all that are starting the spring 2011 program to have a spot, but just wanted to see if you know the latest time you can register.

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    I have registered for 1921. I'm not sure how long the enrollment is open for. Have you ordered books or uniforms yet?
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    Quote from kpspunky
    Hey Cloggersmom,
    Have you registered for 1921? Do you know the last date we can register for this class? I believe we have to pay as soon as you register or your dropped. I see there are 75 seats for the class and 30 somthing still available. I'm assuming they will hold open enough seats for all that are starting the spring 2011 program to have a spot, but just wanted to see if you know the latest time you can register.

    I think you could wait until the last minute to register. I say that only because there are so many seats available in the class. They're not going anywhere! You do have to pay by the end of the week, I believe (unless you have financial aid coming).
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    Hello all!
    I am rather new to the site and love the abundance of info floating around.

    I would love to apply to GPC for the accelerated spring admissions, but by the time applications are due I will not have completed Microbiology. I will however have it completed a few weeks or a month after the deadline. Will this hurt my chances of getting into the nursing program?

    My GPA is about a 3.4-3.6. I made all A's in everything except hist 2111(C), political science (C), intro to psych (B), intro to sociology (B), and have not yet taken microbiology.

    Also, do I need to take the TEAS before applying or after?

    Sorry for all of the rambling, but I would just really appreciate any real info regarding admissions to the program.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Knittingmonster or any other current GPC students: Can you please tell us if the uniforms run large, small, or just as the measurements describe? When I look at the uniform catalog thing online it said I would be an extra small, but I am normally a medium or a large in everything so I was a little concerned.

    Cloggersmom: I know you were asking someone else, but I hoped to buy my books/uniform, but found out that financial aid won't be available until after this semester is over in December. Not sure if that is something to be considered for any other students. Has everyone turned in their BLS card and health forms?

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