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To any current or upcoming GPC student: Question #1: Will Spring 2011 students have the ipod Touch or ipad as part of the technology grant program? I read that this program was in existance... Read More

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    Quote from kpspunky
    Hey Cloggersmom,
    Have you registered for 1921? Do you know the last date we can register for this class? I believe we have to pay as soon as you register or your dropped. I see there are 75 seats for the class and 30 somthing still available. I'm assuming they will hold open enough seats for all that are starting the spring 2011 program to have a spot, but just wanted to see if you know the latest time you can register.

    I think you could wait until the last minute to register. I say that only because there are so many seats available in the class. They're not going anywhere! You do have to pay by the end of the week, I believe (unless you have financial aid coming).

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    Hello all!
    I am rather new to the site and love the abundance of info floating around.

    I would love to apply to GPC for the accelerated spring admissions, but by the time applications are due I will not have completed Microbiology. I will however have it completed a few weeks or a month after the deadline. Will this hurt my chances of getting into the nursing program?

    My GPA is about a 3.4-3.6. I made all A's in everything except hist 2111(C), political science (C), intro to psych (B), intro to sociology (B), and have not yet taken microbiology.

    Also, do I need to take the TEAS before applying or after?

    Sorry for all of the rambling, but I would just really appreciate any real info regarding admissions to the program.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Knittingmonster or any other current GPC students: Can you please tell us if the uniforms run large, small, or just as the measurements describe? When I look at the uniform catalog thing online it said I would be an extra small, but I am normally a medium or a large in everything so I was a little concerned.

    Cloggersmom: I know you were asking someone else, but I hoped to buy my books/uniform, but found out that financial aid won't be available until after this semester is over in December. Not sure if that is something to be considered for any other students. Has everyone turned in their BLS card and health forms?
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    I sent in my BLS and med. certification last week. I saw that my status changed from pre-nursing to nursing so I am assuming that means they have it. I have found two books on Ebay so I ordered them. I am trying to avoid paying the high prices at the bookstore. I'm wondering from current/previous students if you keep your books after you complete the semester?

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