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I'm planning on applying to GPC's program in January. Is there any nursing students who have already been accepted? If so can you tell me what your GPA was and teas score? I made Bs in all of my biology courses and labs and I am... Read More

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    I'm not sure what they mean by that either. They said the same at the info session. If u go on the gpc website go to programs and it will list all general elective courses. They look at your sciences GPA and your general elective GPA. the general electives would be ALL non science courses that GPC requires for their nursing program. English1, us history, math etc yes I'm hoping to apply in jan 2013. I'm taking a&p1 in the fall then taking the teas and hoping for the best. I'm praying to make an A but I dont know. A&P is no joke and I've chosen a pretty hard teacher from what I hear :-/

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    Well good luck! Hopefully we both make it in! Yeah a&p is definitely tough but the best advice is to just stay on top of it and make time to study everyday. I made the mistake of studying just before tests and it made it more difficult.
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    Thanks for the tip! And I too wish you the very best of luck!

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