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Hey, I am applying to the Athens campus for the CNL program at GHSU. Has anyone else turned in an application? Has anyone heard anything yet? Does anyone know how many seats are open and filled so... Read More

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    @ugapeach: no, i haven't made housing arrangements yet. It's difficult since I live in CA, but ideally i'd like to live with other CNL students.

    sealchip and I are friends on facebook, do you have one to? either way, you can also e-mail me at
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    Who is everyone that is attending Athens? Maybe we can get a message group together on facebook or something? Or something else? When would you guys like to get together?
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    I have created a facebook group for anyone accepted into MSN/ CNL prog c/o 2013. I did not make the group campus specific bc ultimately we are all part of the same program. Facebook group name is GHSU MSN-CNL Class of 2013.
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    I wasn't able to find the group on Facebook?
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    i'm pretty sure its there hehe i doubled check through my husbands account. its a closed group so you will have to ask to join. the name of the group is GHSU MSN-CNL Class of 2013. if you give me your name i can add you if you would like or find me on fb my name is Cristina Basulescu
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    Yes. I am attending the Athens campus. I would like to get together. I am pretty busy till after my daughter finishes school, May 18th. Maybe sometime after that? But if the consensus is to meet earlier I am sure I can figure something out.

    ugapeach and asholey88,
    I couldn't find the facebook page either.
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    Too funny! We must be posting at the same time. I am glad you made it a closed group. I will find you on facebook. My name is Dyane Haley.
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    im sorry you guys i dont know whats going on. im certain its there bc i was able to find it using my husband acc and he (I) was able to request to join. pls try again or find me on fb
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    I couldn't find it either. I sent you a friend request - I think.
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    marie99: no friend request received. WOW i didnt know there are 4 cristina basulescu on fb - here i was thinking i had one of a kind last names. im the Cristina Basulescu Pfister the UGA grad hehe
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    I can't find your name. My name is Jennifer DiNovo Gibson, maybe you can find me. I think there is only one. The picture on my profile is me standing on my brother's left hand side.
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    I can't seem to find the group when I search it either! Can you add me? My name is Rebecca Daniels. UGA Alum. My profile pic is me holding a fluffy white puppy. And I'm all for getting together soon. marie99, post mid-May would work best for me too.
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    Rebecca I see you found us. Is there something you did differently?