GBCON 2012

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    Hello all! Anyone applying to Mercer for Fall 2012?

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    I applied as well and I'm on pin and needles.
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    Good luck!! I wonder when they will send letters out. How did you do on TEAS?
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    I have a question regarding the pre reqs. Did you guys all do your pre-nursing at mercer?? I wanted to know what religion class needs to be taken? I am finishing my pre reqs at GSU and applying there also, the pre reqs are completely different!
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    Hi! I took the pre reqs at GPC. I would call as ask to speak with an advisor. They are really helpful there. I'm currently waiting for my answer. Fingers crossed!!! :-)
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    Moved to Georgia nursing programs.
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    I am applying as soon as my TEAS score is posted to the ATI site. I took it yesterday.

    What is the essay subject? I don't see any topic listed on the website or app.
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    Hi! Essay should include reason why you are applying to nursing program, career and educational goals, etc. How was the teas test? Did you take it at Mercer?I'm waiting on my letter! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Awesome! Good luck! Please come back and comment when you get your acceptance letter.I got my teas score about an hour ago! An 86. I'm happy with that. I immediately submitted my gbcon app and ordered transcripts. So just waiting for the essay info from gbcon. We might be classmates!
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    Oh and I took the teas in Chicago at a testing site. I'm moving to Atlanta this summer.

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