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Hello all! Anyone applying to Mercer for Fall 2012? :wavey:... Read More

  1. by   Floridababy
    I got accepted today too!!!! Yay! Congrats to everyone! I have been stalking this blog forever!
  2. by   kms06y
    Hello, I was accepted about a week ago! I am so excited to start.. a little nervous, too- but more excited than anything! I'm getting married three weeks before and getting back from the honeymoon a week before. It is about to be crazy!!Has anyone started a Facebook group for our class yet? I'm coming from Kennesaw. Anyone else in that boat?? Can't wait to meet everyone. I, too, have been stalking this site forever.
  3. by   Inyourhands
    Hey guys I'll be going to mercer too. I'm commuting from suwanee. I'm definitely nervous but mainly about getting financial aid. Does anyone have any good aid information? I've checked mercers site and have been googling but *phew is it expensive! I got into Gwinnett tech and am waiting to see if I get into gsu. Haven't had the best experience there so I'll most likely be going here! look forward to meeting you guys!!Congrats Kms on your Marriage!
  4. by   ugabulldog
    I will be joining all of you as well! I got my acceptance letter in January and have made my final decision to go to Mercer!! I'm nervous too, but can't wait to meet all of you! I'm graduating from UGA in a couple of weeks and can't wait to start nursing school classes! We should definitely start a Facebook group before the fall!
  5. by   kms06y
    Hey guys. I tried to make a Facebook group for our class. Search mercer university GBCON- I don't think I'm allowed to go any more specific on this site. I made it on my phone so it is pretty boring right now but I will fix it later.
  6. by   haley117
    Congratulations to everyone who has gotten accepted! We're getting closer and closer to August! Anyone planning on living on campus? I am currently a student at Kennesaw Sate and as of right now I will be commuting from here.. but I would really like to live on campus!
    Also, I tried searching for the facebook group, but nothing came up.
  7. by   kms06y
    Sorry the group is not coming up. It is called Mercer University GBCON Fall 2012- Class of 2014. Hope that helps. Maybe if you add me on FB... my name is Kelly Smith- same pic as the one on this site. But I thought you were able to search for/join groups without necessarily knowing the person who made it. We shall see.
  8. by   Inyourhands
    I've found the group by typing mercer university gbcon! Waiting for the group to accept me!
  9. by   ugabulldog
    i just searched "
    mercer university gbcon fall 2012- class of 2014" exactly and it came up!
  10. by   haley117
    I found it! And just requested to join it

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