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Hello All, I am Jay one of the moderators of the GA Forum. I welcome everyone to this great site and this forum. This forum is for Nurses and Nursing students to talk about nursing issues related to GA Nursing. Please feel... Read More

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    Quote from cutelilganurse
    Hello. I'm currently a new LPN that has just moved to the Atlanta area. Looking for more "Nurse" friends to meet and talk to.
    I am trying to talk myself into the willingness to learn veinipunture /pheotomy, and maybe I might find myself willing to go f4ward to be an LPN from a CNA. BUT, if I just give myself a chance and just get the education, I just might just apply for Phebotmist bcuz I know Hospitals are looking for them around here & abroad.
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    Hello Georgia! I am joining your group in anticipation of my moving there after I graduate from the technical college I am going to in Louisiana for my Practical Nursing degree. Hooray! I am very excited to finally be attaining part of my sought after dream of becoming a nurse AND to be getting out of Louisiana!
    I will be moving around the Macon area. If you all do not mind, I have a few questions regarding your awesome state. If you have a minute to send an answer - thank you, thank you!
    Around how much an hour are LPN's are starting off? I'm looking at hospitals now in hopes to start there for the first year or two I'm out of school. I will be looking at bridge-continuing education programs over that time so I can continue my dream and get my BSN!
    Any comments/advise you have is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for letting me be a part of your thread & soon to be a member of your state!!!
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    Hello Jay - Roxie here. Mid-life career changer. Non-trad student. Graduated in '93 in midst of the last healthcare reform. Had a difficult time finding my first nursing job so went back to school and studied medical transcription at Gwinnett Tech. Worked prn at nursing homes, typed full time. Kept on trying until the shortage recurred. Worked steady for many years but currently unemployed. Would like to transition into the care of children but it seems like CHOA is such a great place towork that they never have any openings in my certified field, Rehab. Thanks for having this board.
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    Hello everyone, cashandra here. I am a LPN living in the middle ga area, and work at CSH throught LHNA. I'm enrolled at MGC to obtain my RN license...wish me luck, and nice to meet everyone
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    hello all..LPN for 2 yrs and working on my RN.. nice to meet everyone.. hope to talk soon !
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    anyone currently attending GHC in rome?
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    Quote from prettymica
    anyone currently attending GHC in rome?
    I actually just moved from Rome to Atlanta. I attended school in Dalton. Do you work at a hospital there?
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    Quote from eaRNed
    I actually just moved from Rome to Atlanta. I attended school in Dalton. Do you work at a hospital there?

    No I live in atlanta also, just attending GHC for the bridge program, hoping to get accepted in january. I am a hospice nurse mon- friday and LTC on the weeknds
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    Hey guys! I'm Mindy, I've lived in Georgia my entire life, mostly Warner Robins, which is where I currently am! I'm going to MGTC to complete my license as an LPN, then I'm probably branching out to GMC and working towards my BSN (sounds like a long route, I know! But it's working for me!). I've always had a passion/want for nursing, I just didn't gain the confidence until earlier this year to go ahead and pursue the career I know I want and dream of. I was majoring in Early Childhood...but it just wasn't for me! Nice to meet all of you Georgians of the forum!
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    hello im crystal im currently in hinesville ft stewart georgia

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