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Hello All, I am Jay one of the moderators of the GA Forum. I welcome everyone to this great site and this forum. This forum is for Nurses and Nursing students to talk about nursing issues... Read More

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    hello all..LPN for 2 yrs and working on my RN.. nice to meet everyone.. hope to talk soon !
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    anyone currently attending GHC in rome?
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    Quote from prettymica
    anyone currently attending GHC in rome?
    I actually just moved from Rome to Atlanta. I attended school in Dalton. Do you work at a hospital there?
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    Quote from eaRNed
    I actually just moved from Rome to Atlanta. I attended school in Dalton. Do you work at a hospital there?

    No I live in atlanta also, just attending GHC for the bridge program, hoping to get accepted in january. I am a hospice nurse mon- friday and LTC on the weeknds
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    Hey guys! I'm Mindy, I've lived in Georgia my entire life, mostly Warner Robins, which is where I currently am! I'm going to MGTC to complete my license as an LPN, then I'm probably branching out to GMC and working towards my BSN (sounds like a long route, I know! But it's working for me!). I've always had a passion/want for nursing, I just didn't gain the confidence until earlier this year to go ahead and pursue the career I know I want and dream of. I was majoring in Early Childhood...but it just wasn't for me! Nice to meet all of you Georgians of the forum!
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    hello im crystal im currently in hinesville ft stewart georgia
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    Hello everyone, Im Marquitta, recently moved to the northern Atlanta area from Florida, Love it. I work in pediatrics mostly PICU and NICU but have now accepted a job in peds ER, so excited. Hope to obtain advice about Georgia from anyone willing.