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    Hello all!
    I am in Savannah, GA and set to begin the BSN program at Armstrong Atlantic State on Aug. 17!! I am a double major: Health Sciences (Health Admin)/Nursing and looking forward to this journey and graduating May 2011. I am also an Army ROTC cadet, so I have already signed my life away ! Look forward to hearing from everyone!

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    Hey! I'm Tracy and I am an ADN student at the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick). I am starting in less than 2 weeks! WOW! I'm so excited.

    Neecy224, you're right up the road!
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    Hey Tracy,

    Yeah girl I applied to Coastal too (my friend graduated from there in Dec 2007)and I was accepted but I turned it down to go to Armstrong offer b/c it was a BSN and then lo and behold Coastal now has a BSN program as of Fall 2009. Congrats on your acceptance and good luck!!
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    hello everyone!!
    my name is amy and i will be starting macon state colleges adn program in about 4 days! good luck to all the new nursing students and to all those returning in the fall!
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    I'm Shanice. Call me Shanice or lotus- whichever you prefer. I'm a wannabe RN. I'm a certified paralegal currently working as a legal assistant. I've worked in the legal field for over 12 years. I'm dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I love to help people and volunteered regularly before beginning classes at GPC this Fall. I'm a divorced mom to 2 boys who are extremely active. I've decided to pursue Nursing because of my desire to help people, because I've always loved hospital environments and because of the possibility of a more flexible schedule. I also want to feel like I've made a difference somewhere, somehow, at the end of a workday.

    I've been out of school for, um, a while (lol) and am taking prerequiste courses. I have a really strong desire to be a Nurse and I really hope I can be accepted into GPC's Nursing Program as soon as my prerequisites are met. I understand it will be very competitive, so any help and information I can get is greatly appreciated.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    hello everyone...caribmuslimah here. i am a new bachelor's prepared nurse in the (not-so-metro) atlanta area. i decided to finally join this forum after having found so many answers to so many of my questions on this site. now that i've joined, my hope is that my input will be helpful.

    thank you
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    Hello I'm a recent grad. graduated from Kennesaw state, was at floyd medical center for a while.
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    Hi, I am Chenda! I received my BA in Spanish from GCSU in May 2009, and I am hoping to get into MCG's CNL Program (at the Athens Campus) for Fall 2010! I am very hopeful and very excited
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    Hometown: Augusta
    Current: South Atlanta
    Recent grad 2010
    Anyone at SRMC?
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    Hey ya'll! my name is Kristin, from Colquitt GA. I am a CNA and currently enrolled in the ADN program at Bainbridge College. Anyone else from my area?

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