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I just applied to piedmont for their fall rn residency program in critical care. I have an interview next week and am getting nervous and excited at the same time. Has anyone applied for this... Read More

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    Where can you find info on the open house? I didn't find anything on their website.

    I live in AZ but am considering moving back to GA.

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    ro2878 Have you applied at GMC? I think they sent out the invitation for those who applied there. I have no idea how to find information on their website. Have you applied anywhere else in GA yet?
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    Thx for posting Newnurse83! No, I haven't applied anywhere in GA yet - still toying with the idea of moving back. We moved to AZ from Duluth, GA about 12 yrs ago. It's just so tough to get a new grad position out here (like everywhere else!) and was looking online & came across GMC.
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    I know I am way ahead of the game, I graduate in December, but I was curious as to when they started accepting applications for the residency at Piedmont for Spring. I am wondering when I should be on the look out for the application for the Fall. I am so nervous about finding a job when I graduate!
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    Hello, I'm sure I'm a bit lost - sorry. I too am from Chicago and plan to move to the Piedmont system by Newnan or Fayetteville area where I have family. I looked at the State Nursing Act, and am now more confused. I will graduate in May, take my IL boards in June, then be ready to move to GA after that.

    Do I need to find a residency as a new grad or can I just apply for a staff RN position? In IL, I have to wait until I have license in hand, but is that the same for GA - am I behind? I'm so nervous about the process, but figure I can find some job in GA - right? I have worked as a PCT in a cardiac critical care step-down and am doing my management in ICU. That might help, huh? Thanks for any advice!
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    i am also from chicago.. you don't have to wait to have a license to apply or accept a job. depends on where you are
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    Just a little info for the new grads/graduating nurses applying to Piedmont. They really look at nurses who have already passed their NCLEX. I am in their spring CV critical care residency and everyone they hired in our group has already passed their boards. Sorry to say, but my manager gets so many applications that if you haven't passed yet or will not pass by July, I doubt they will even look at your application. However good news is that they are trying to open the program up to hire three times a year instead of two. Looks promising!
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    Hello Nursing Family :-)

    I interviewed for the Critical Care Residency position at Piedmont Hospital in April and still have not heard anything back. I wanted to know had anyone been called back for an offer yet.

    Thank you
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    Court 2012. I just got a job offer for their critical care residency program. Super excited!!!! I have a feeling that they are now started calling ppl. Did u just graduated? I graduated 2 wks ago and had the interview in feb.
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    Did anyone else got a job offer from Piedmont for the Rn residency?
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    If anyone applied to the med surg floors I'm interested to hear how your interviews turned out.
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    Hey Cardiac-love-RN,

    I have an interview next week with Piedmont and I am so nervous. Any advice?