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Hey I'm new to this website and I'm a current lpn of almost three years and I'm considering Excelsior...if there's anyone out there that has completed excelsior could you tell me if you used lisa arends, sg101, chancellor, or... Read More

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    Quote from respy444
    New here, so how are clinicals done through Excelsior?
    The answer to this question is usually a very sharp sting to those who aren't aware.....but....here we go.
    AFTER you finish any prereqs and the theory exams you then have to take a three part written simulation known as the Focused Clinical Competency Exam(FCCA). Once you have completed that you get to go on a THREE day clinical examination at a hospital. It starts on Friday afternoon and ends some time on Sunday. You will have to perform to ALMOST perfection the EXCELSIOR way while being watched by clinical examiners. You can read up on all of this here by typing in CPNE in the search bar, and read of others experiences, you can also read about it on Excelsiors website but I think you can get an almost first hand account by reading of others experiences. The first time pass rate of this clinical is around 60-65%.

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    I meant Focused Clinical Competency Assessment(FCCA) not exam

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