Does North GA have enough lab time?

  1. For North GA ASN students:

    Do you feel the lab time is sufficient to learn all the skills needed for nursing?

    I know the first year, there is one class day, and one lab/clinical day. So on the lab/clinical day - there are 6 weeks in lab, then the rest of the semester you go to a clinical site.

    I was comparing it to another school that has:

    One day in class, one lab day, AND one clinical day.

    So it really got me thinking, does North GA have enough lab time?

    I'd love your thoughts on this!!!
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  3. by   nrice28
    I think so..b/c if you need extra time you can just stay after class. Plus if you want even more time you can drive to Dahlonega and use as much time as you need. I was able to just stay after class and get all my practicing in. Plus I went home and ran through the different things a few times. Its funny, looking back I was so freaked out..and that was actually the easiest part of nursing school! Im worrying about NCLEX and just being done with everything. But congrats! and you will do great!
  4. by   sk8inghunny
    Thanks for your response! I am glad to hear we can stay after, I wasn't sure about that.
    I honestly enjoy more time at home studying, then using the lab when I feel I need that time.
    So I know it'll work for me.
    I'm so excited about NGCSU - I cannot wait to get started!!!
    You are going to do great on the NCLEX! You are SOOOOOOO close, not long now - I cannot believe it is almost time for you to graduate!!!
  5. by   nrice28
    Thanks! I didn't see this message. I should be studying right now for my ms final, but I am sooo burnt out! Lord! But I just got my fingerprints done and paid the $300 (I don't have) for the NCLEX today. I was excited and realized how nervous I am too. I have to pass. I just have to. I guess, I should really just be worried about the stupid MS final next Friday and passing it. I have to get a 69 in order to pass the class. i am sure I will but thats nerve Wracking too. Oh Lord! The joys of nursing school.. NOT! lol...
  6. by   sk8inghunny
    I emailed you!

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