Details of Gwinnett Tech schedule

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    I am curious about the schedule for nursing students at Gwinnett Tech. Especially in the first semester, what are the times you have class, rotations etc? I hope they are no earlier than 7:30 am because the daycare on campus doesnt even open their doors until 7 on the dot.
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    We had class and lab from 9-4 but we had to be at our clinical site at 6:30
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    ^^^^^ Thanks for the info but is the schedule Mon-Friday? Also do you know how the CNA schedule is? I plan to get certified this summer and just wanted to know what to look forward to,
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    The first semester we had class on Tuesdays and lab on either Wednesday or Thursday(whichever day you don't have clinical, you have lab). It's 3 days a week.
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    CurlyQ! I was reading throught the thread of your class. What books did you use to study for the science because you did really well on the kaplan. Thanks!!!
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    I used my A&P notes and book more than anything. The science is all A&P, unlike the TEAS and some of the other tests.
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    yeah? what did you focus on the most? like what systems did you spend the most time studying, and what parts of those systems? did you use anything for the writing section? i wanna try to do well on it since most people dont. Thanks a ton for the info!
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    Curly Q, I did terrible .I was so stressed and did the entire test in less than an hour. I made a 59% in READING! I was okay with making a 55% in science because I have been taking my time to go over my notes with the DvD and have only covered GI, Blood and the Heart. I was gonna just "see" what I knew from what I studied and the other half of the questions were the ones I hadn't gone over. I know I'll be fine for science but am so unsure of the Reading. I am trying the practice tests in the Kaplan but feel like some of the passages are much harder than the ones on the actual test. What should I do???? I made a 64 overall. I didn't study for the math and got a 75 on that. 62 in writing. I feel like I am out of my league. I thought I had it in the bag since I had a 4.0. Idk if I was just rushing through or what.
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    I studied the Kaplan practice guide for the reading and math parts. I agree that the ones on the actual test were easier than the practice book, but I figured it would make me more prepared. I felt like the math was pretty much exactly like the study guide, so I just did the practice tests over and over. If you can bring your overall grade into the 70s with a 4.0 you'll have a good shot at making it.
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    I need at least a 75 to be considered for their program so I am scared. I know I will be taking my allotted time for each section for sure the next time. The practice tests look a lot more broad; they have geometry, and extra charts, dots on a line. I did okay in the math though. i dont know what I can do to really "improve" reading and writing.