In Desperate Need of a JOB!!! HELP

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    I just recently got my GA RN license (3/2011) but I graduate from Nursing School in 2009 and waited to take my NCLEX in 2011..I hkave been looking for a job ever since I graduated nursing school but havent had any luck..I was wondering if anyone could tell me or help me find a job in a skilled nursing home...I have applied for every job that I have seen posted in GA but no offeres yet....i'm not familiar with Georgia at all and I live in another state which I'm thinking about getting my licenses here also....I just want a job so that I can further my education as well and make some money....thanks in advance for your help

    Desperate GA RN
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    What area are you looking into?
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    Any area in GA i just want a job....
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    Try piedmont and grady in Atlanta. I'm a new grad here visiting from out of state job searching too.
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    Thanks for the info/advice...I already applied to both places GN opening but no response from them yet....i applied to some snf today
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    Have you heard anything yet?
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    Only denials (we have chosen someone else) I'm going to try another state.....