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Anyone waiting for fall acceptance letters? I just took my hesi today. My overall was a 91 with a 76 in a&p and a 92 in the math section. Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Hey there I'm so, sorry. I am hurt because I am looking forward to meeting you. I cannot say much because I know how you feel. But if you can keep your head up and don't give up.

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    hey southbeach congrattttttssss!!!!! i want to be u so bad rite now.peace of mine.u must be on cloud nine .we both have the same overall score but ofcourse we know thats no guarantee.can u pls tell me what u score on everything was and your gpa if u dont mind.am so nervous its like i will detonate soon.again congratsss.
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    Hello All,

    I just hope the best for everyone. I know that sounds cliche', but I do! I am still hoping the best and hope we can all meet!!!
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    congratulations... I got my acceptance letter 2....
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    Congrats tperks!!
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    thanks @Southbeach23 ...congrats 2 u as well...orientation here we come!
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    plz guys don't give up...I've been rejected more than once myself...I just took extra classes to boost my gpa, researched study material, and paid for that test. Although I wanted to give up; I just couldn't give in! Words of advice...don't give up on your goals or dreams.
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    Quote from Southbeach23
    I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh My god southbeach, I just got home and I'm a nervous wreck right now. I hope your not sleep because I need to know all the details, First of all congrats, I'm so happy for you, second were do you live because nothing came for me today. What did the letter look like big, small, white, gold what? Do you have a post office or what. I knew it would be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @limitless-visions i know u didn't ask me, but it's an envelope with three white letters...acceptance letter 1st and 2nd, orientation information 3rd letter
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    Quote from keakin6
    Denied-gpa. I'm done. I've gotten 4 rejection letters so I think it's pointless for me
    I'm sorry to hear this keakin6. I feel that darton should have told you it was your GPA the first time you applied, I mean you probably would have been better prepared. I'm sure you worked hard just like everyone else. Your hesi score was good. At this point I can't tell you anything about my status because I didn't get anything in the mail. Where Do you live again? I'm just trying to see why I didn't get my letter today. Anyway I won't forget about you when my letter comes but If it's a rejection letter it would be my fourth as well. I'm not going to give up because some have to work harder than others and frankly I think I'm one of them. I just don't think things like nursing will come naturally to me without me working really really hard to get it. Please if this is what you want to do just don't give up. Look at all this time you have invested in this program. My plan B was going to be to go out of state which I already have the school in mind as well. You may have to move near or far to get it. I don't think no one should wait on one school. Well I'm not out of hot water yet, this is going to be a looooooooong sunday and partly monday morning for me until my mail comes around 10ish. If you need to talk please reply back on here or if you want to talk personally you can email me at ronda5180@hotmail.com. I can even give you my phone number in the email if you want. I hurt when others hurt, it's just my nature. I was just mad and angry a few months ago when I didn't get in for summer. Anyway I look to keep talking to you!!!!!!!!!!
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