Darton College Summer 2012

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    Has anyone been accepted the first round or multiple applications until acceptance?
    Last edit by Southbeach23 on Apr 9, '12

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    This is my 2nd time applying to darton. The first time my hesi was a 78
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    Ok. I'm just a bit nervous because this is my first try and dI did not do well on the math portion but scored 100% on anatomy. Just on pins and needles and hope everyone gets in!!!!
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    Ok I'm just a bit nervous and impatient waiting! I hope we all get in!!!
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    What were your scores again? I think we had opposite scores...I had an 85.6 overall with a 68 in anatomy and a 96 in math
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    HI! I had 100 on anatomy and 68 0n math. 85.2 overall
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    I wish they would send letters already!!!
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    I know right!!
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    No word yet. What about you??
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    Hi there,

    Nope not yet. I spoke to someone in my class and they told me that they will make us wait!!!:uhoh21:

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