Columbus Technical College

  1. 0 Has anyone from this college receive thier acceptance letter yet? I am dying everyday waiting for the mail. And if you know if they sent out rejection letters yet or they do it all at the same time? I just want to know the process. im so anxious.
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    I applied for the RN program as well. I heard that we should hear something the early part of this week. I'm trying to keep my mind off of it (by reading on Allnurses lol).
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    ok thats great. I cant wait. I know, I stay on this site waiting for answers. lol. Well best luck to you!!!
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    Same to you!
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    Has anyone heard anything?
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I havent heard anything yet. Hopefully today. I am having high hopes because I still had 2 classes to finish, A&P II and humanities, which I am taking them in the summer. I have completed everything else and med term, and intro to health care. I was told by the rep in front that I can still be considered so I just gave it a try. GPA is 3.4... So right now I am having really high hopes. If I dont get in, I wouldn be so bumed and I will be going to Southern Union to do nursing in Spring. THey have a program that starts in the Spring. I would have all my classes completed then. Do you have all you reqs?
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    I will not wait next fall to do CTC Nursing program. TO far away from now and to much time wasted.
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    SOrry.. I have to answer here. The site says I havent had 15 reoccurences of threads or something like that... So i cant send message until I do. My NLN was a 99%. Compass 87 and 89 reading and writing.. and i totally forgot the math... But i know i pass them cause I already took col alg 1101 last fall. What did you get? I am sure you will get in. Like I said I am doubting mine because I havent finished my pre-reqs. You really have nothing to worry about. You are good.
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    Did you ever do an interview? or are they just sending out letters to the students who just finished classes? im lost with that. Cause from reading other threads on CTC, they had thier interview in April.
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    Hey I applied for the lpn program and both lpn and rn did there interviews in april
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    My nln score was a 99%....97 and 91 on the compass scores...3.6 gpa...still haven't heard anything, yet...
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    Letters were mailed out on Thursday so we all should have our letters real soon now!!!

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