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Hey everyone! This is my first post to the site so bare with me :) I'm applying to the LPN program at Columbus Tech that starts this June. I'm hoping to maybe find others out there that are applying as well! I hope I get... Read More

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    The interview was about 30 mins you go I. With two other people. They ask pretty generic questions but I will say try to think fast answer first if not at least try to come up with your own answer instead of agreeing with whomever answered first. Good luck though! Time will go by fast and I have a plan n and c and d if I don't get in lol

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    Is anyone getting anxious waiting for these letters???
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    Well guys the wait is ALMOST over..Hopefully by this time next week we'll know something
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    The wait is killing me. There are so many variables if I get in or if I don't....Ugh Just tell me already. How does everyone feel? I feel like I might have a decent chance but then again I don't. Pfft :***:
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    I'm nervous as all heck! I'm so ready to just find out if I got in or not...either way, I'm going to keep pursuing my goal. I think my chances are pretty good, worried about my TEAS scores but hoping I did so well in all the other areas they factor in that it will all balance out.
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    Well time is winding down....I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best....I finished this semester really strong, I feel like I did great in the interview, and over all I am right in the middle which might be my down fall. I know I can do the work and I am great hands on and retain the information, I just suck at testing...Dang anxiety. I wish they would just tell us already.
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    I hear ya! Im thinking letters might not arrive until early next week, like you I'm thinking I won't but hoping for the best that way I won't be as devastated if I don't get in.
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    Found out it will be more like Wednesday of next week...>>Rolls eyes<< haha But they are supposed to call and also send a letter. Either way I'll be ok, because I have about 3 back up plans and one way or another I will get into nursing school somewhere. All in good time though. If I don't get in it gives me time to work on my Science Degree.
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    Thanks for the info! Do you know if they'll be calling only if you got accepted or will they call either way? Grades are due by noon today so I wonder when they'll be making the calls. This next week is going to seem as if it drags by haha. I've got a back-up plan as well so like you said; either way, it will happen, just a matter of when.
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    Wednesday of NEXT week?!OMG that's insane!!!I'm not liking this waiting game lol.I have another back-up plan as well, but I'm really hoping that this is a "go".Good luck to you all!!

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