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Hello everyone. I started this thread with the hopes of having a place for those who are planning to apply for Columbus Tech's ADN or LPN programs? Applications are due March 1st for ADN and February... Read More

  1. by   kingsqueen
    Hi I read this on the Columbus Tech Website under frequently asked questions....

    "You will be notified by mail (so make sure we have your correct address) about one-two weeks after the semester ends. You will receive a letter if you are accepted or not accepted. The letter will include information and instructions about what you should do next."

    I hope this helps and gives everyone an idea of when letters should possibly be received. Good luck to everyone
  2. by   kingsqueen
    posted my message twice... I am new at this...
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  3. by   Jc1982
    That doesn't really help. We were told certain dates by the faculty, which have passed by more than a week.
  4. by   Jc1982
    On top of that, on another thread, an LPN applicant that resides around Atlanta claims to have received a letter Saturday. No one I know that stays in Columbus has received anything...
  5. by   kingsqueen
    The lpns had to be informed first because their program starts this month. My previous post was for the rn program. This week is going on the second week since the semester ended so the letters should be here this week.
  6. by   kingsqueen
    The post about the girl from atl (if we read the same post) seems to be entering the lpn program
  7. by   lovet
    jc 1982, i'm going for the LPN program. our orientation is on may 22. i think they had to inform the Lpn candidates first because we are to start classes in a couple to weeks.....i know is hard to wait but be patient i'm sure u will get a mail pretty soon.
  8. by   Jc1982
    I understand that. But I know LPN people that haven't heard anything yet...matter of fact, not a one of them that I know has received anything.
  9. by   Jc1982
    Also, what about the candidates that appllied for both programs?
  10. by   Jc1982
    Quote from kingsqueen
    The post about the girl from atl (if we read the same post) seems to be entering the lpn program
    Kingsqueen, did you apply for one of the programs?
  11. by   atjeRN
    Phew.. Glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't heard. At my interview I was told that letters would go out on the 7th regardless of the program applied for, but evidently that wasn't the case, good luck to all, and hopefully we won't have long to wait!
  12. by   kingsqueen
    Well I have a friend from Columbus who got a phone call about the Lpn program and she got in so I don't know about that program
  13. by   kingsqueen
    Yes i did RN

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