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Hello everyone. I started this thread with the hopes of having a place for those who are planning to apply for Columbus Tech's ADN or LPN programs? Applications are due March 1st for ADN and February 1st for LPN. I wish you all... Read More

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    I also did my interview and hopefully it all goes well. I will keep updating when I finally hear something.Good luck to us all.

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    Hey lovet I also had my interview for lpn... good luck to us all!!!!!
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    teelpn if u don't mind me asking what is ur GPA, compass and teas score?
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    Well my gpa is a 3.2 my compass reading 77 writing 84 I dont like my teas score but it was a 52.7 what are your scores if you dont mind?
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    mine is gpa 3.16, compass reading 87, written 79 and teas 60.2%. my teas is low as well. i wonder what is the minimum teas score you can apply with... i keep checking my mail box everyday for a letter. do you know when they will send out the acceptance letters? i'm so nervous....
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    When I did my interview they said the first week of May because I'm taking anatomy and physiology right now and my grade will be in by May 1...Im also nervous and scared
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    To teelpn : Do you know about the ADN program? I thought the interviewee said they will sent letters out mid May- the last week of May.
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    Yeah they said like mid or last week of may for adn and first or second week of may for pn.
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    Well, our final grades are in. For better or worse, the decisions are probably made....good luck to all!
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    I got accepted! i live in atlanta and i have from now until the 23rd of may to find a room mate in columbus.... i hope i find one pretty soon.

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