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Hello everyone. I started this thread with the hopes of having a place for those who are planning to apply for Columbus Tech's ADN or LPN programs? Applications are due March 1st for ADN and February 1st for LPN. I wish you all... Read More

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    Yay! For some readon I was scared they were going to grill us with an Anatomy review! Lol I don't really know why I thought that, but I am happy they won't be

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    i'm a transfer student and i did my interveiw on tuesday for the LPN program.... i hope we all get in!
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    Columbus tech....smh. I am not about to wait years to get in when I have exceeded the requirements. I went and talked to an advisor there and she told me I had very slim chances of getting into the RN program and that I should consider the LPN or sugical tech programs because there is limited space and people who have better grades than me that are applying. She said they dont tend to pick ppl with even 1 C. This is all because I had a C in one of my A&P's, the first one might I add. So I went home and cryed for a while and looked up other RN programs at other schools, because I was not about to give up on my dreams nor settle for something I did not want. I found one about a hour and a half away and got in the FIRST time I applied. I am proud to say that I AM a RN NURSING STUDENT and not at Ctech waiting to get in or being talked down to. GOD is good! Good luck to everyone! If you have faith you can't go wrong
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    Good luck to everyone that is applying at Columbus Tech
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    Omg..that is crazy!
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    Did you ever apply for the program? An advisor can't keep you from applying and really they can't guarantee that you would't get in. Where are u in school now? Good luck in your studies
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    She hurt my feelings so bad that I didnt even want to attend that school anymore or even apply. No, I did not apply.
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    My interview is in the morning!! I am so excited, but my nerves are starting to get the better of me.
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    I've had my interview. For better or worse, we've pretty much done all we could. Now, we just have to wait. Best of luck to you all!

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