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    I just mailed my application to Coastal college of georgia in Brunswick ga. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on their selection process.


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    I also applied to ccga, byt it doesnt seem as if many people are! Maybe its just youn and me. Which program did you apply to?
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    ADN but i was also going to apply to BSN if i did not get selected. I wounder if they have alot of applicants? Which did you apply for?
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    I have no clue! I was hoping I would find out how competitive the program was from looking on here. I applied for the BSN program bc I already have a bachelors degree
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    Hey reeta! Have you received your acceptance letter yet???? Im dying to find out if ive gotten in
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    I have not and i am going CRAZY!!!!! I called and they said the ADN letters were sent out Friday and BSN this week. Let me know if you here anything!!! Im praying for us
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    well I guess I will go crazy from now until Wednesday or so being that I live in South Carolina...did you apply to both programs or just the BSN?
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    i only applied for ADN but i wish i would have done both. Did you just do BSN?
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    Yeah I only applied for BSN, but now I'm having second thoughts too! I just wish they'd HURRY UP with those letters!!! Ugh
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    Let me know if you get anything. I will do the same.

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