Clayton State University Fall 2013

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    Anyone applying to Clayton State University for Fall 2013? Did you take the TEAS already?
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    I did.. I got an 83.3% adjusted individual score. The wait is going to kill me! I applied to three different schools. I hope I at least get into one! lol.. Have you taken it yet?
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    I have, but I want to take it again to get a higher score since they allow you to take it twice within an application period. I've applied to 3 schools as well. Hopefully we'll get in somewhere. GOOD LUCK!
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    Hi, I applied too. I'm so nervous.
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    Im currently in my first semester at CSU! Good luck to all applying Fall 2013!!
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    How is the program/campus/instructors?
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    Quote from meeep
    How is the program/campus/instructors?
    I like the campus and from attending nursing seminars the teachers seem to be very good as well
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    Does anyone know when we will start hearing back as to whether or not we get into the program/ or get an interview? I am a little worried about my TEAS score, because even though I feel like I did my best, at orientation they said that the score needed to be above 84%...
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    Quote from skaimarie
    Anyone applying to Clayton State University for Fall 2013? Did you take the TEAS already?
    I think you have to score 85 or higher to be competitive.but I think they start letting us know stuff in the middle of scared because I scored 84.7 on my teas.
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    your overall score is calculated out of 300. Multiply your gpa by 25, math/science gpa by 25 and add the teas score you made. this is your score out of 300. highest scores get in program others are left out. Above 240 is recommended above 260 is very competitive.

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