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Anyone applying to Clayton State University for Fall 2013? Did you take the TEAS already?... Read More

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    Fruizy if you dont mind, what are your gpa's.
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    My advisor told me the samething about the 300 points. But she said if you have 250 or higher, you're competitive. My points added up to be 250.95. I know most students probably would have higher than that . I'm so impatient. What were your points when you got accepted?
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    You should get in with a 250 overall. Usually 1-3 students below 240 get in.
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    Hi future nurses , did anyone receive a letter?
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    Nurse Student, that sounds great!! Well I will just keep my fingers crossed and keep checking my email&mail!
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    No kymoo, I haven't. Have you?
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    Hi fruizy, nice to meet u. I didn't receive anything yet but I am praying for all of us . Please let's keep in touch so we support each other.
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    If you receive a letter within the next 1 and half weeks, you are receiving a letter of denial. Any letters after 2 weeks, will be letters for further discussion and interviews.
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    is that the formula used to determine who gets an interview?
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    Nice to meet you too kymoo! And thats fine...Were on this journey together!lol!