Clayton State Nursing Program Spring 2012

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    Hey! I am just starting this forum to see who else is applying for Clayon State's Spring 2012 BSN Program. I just applied and now the waiting begins..

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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.
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    Hello all, I am new to the forum and I submitted my app packet for spring 2012 to CSU on the 1st of August. I hope to hear from others that are actively waiting to hear for their interview date.
    Good luck to all!
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    Hey Jase2107! I also submitted my packet and am anxiously awaiting them to call for interviews as well..which my advisor told me probably wouldn't be until October:/! If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats? (TEAS,GPA, M&S GPA)
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    Hey Steph6543! Yeah, that was the timeframe I was expecting that we would hear from them. My stats are TEAS 86%, GPA 3.3 (would be better if it was not for my transfers from forever ago) M&S GPA 4.0. I just finished Patho this past summer semester. How are your stats?????
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    Your stats are good!! Alot better than mine haha
    TEAS: 78% (Although, I am retaking it next week)
    Overall GPA: 3.5

    I am soo nervouss though!! I am taking patho this semester..its pretty interesting so far! How did you do in patho, is it a hard class?
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    Who are you taking for Patho? I had Dr. Stover & Ms. Capponi, I made an A. There tests came right off of the powerpoints, but you had to be in lecture to get ALL of the info to complete the powerpoint questions. They also posted a study guide for each test. It was def a lot of info being a summer semester, but alot of it seemed like review from A/P and Micro. We also had 3 projects to complete.
    Do your best to get an A in patho, because regardless of your M/S gpa, Patho carries a lot of weight at CSU, from what I have heard.
    Your stats look good as well, just do your best in Patho and GOOD LUCK!
    Are you applying anywhere else?
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    I'm taking Dr.Swearngin and Mrs.Caponni. Its been pretty easy so far we only had a quiz that came directly from the power points. So I will make sure to study the power points for the tests as well!! Thanks for the advice! So they look At patho grades when accepting people even if we are not finished with it yet? I am also applying to medical college of ga, west ga, and piedmont. I wanted to apply to ga state because thats where I just transferred from but it's crazy competAtive over there! How about you, where else are you applying?
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    I had just heard that from time to time about Patho while I was taking it,,,,,it may have been just a rumor from students. I have not applied anywhere else, I am set on CSU. I was going to apply elsewhere, but CSU is the school for me after much consideration, so yes, I put all my eggs in one basket. I know others already attending MCG, GPC, and Ga State Nursing programs,,,and they are very happy. If I lived closer to Kennesaw St., I would have loved to have gone there, but it was not possible with proximity to where I live.
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    Aw well your stats are really good so youll def get into Clayton. I really want to go to Clayton as well, esp. since the other schools programs don't start until NEXT but I am just worried because of my TEAS score. I am retaking the TEAS next week in hopes that I will get atleast like 4-5 more points on it! How did you prepare for your TEAS?

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