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  1. Hi! I am a new grad and am in the middle of the interview process with CHOA, Scottish Rite. I was wondering if anyone knows about the PEDS test that new applicants must take and make a 750. More so, if there are any ways to particularly prepare for this test. I just want to do the best I can. Thanks!!
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  3. by   HopefulRN2010
    Sorry, I just stumbled upon your post! But I did have a quick question for you. I was wondering when you applied to CHOA did you apply to a specific new grad position or any RN position? Just trying to get some information. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. by   wnwgsl
    Hi! I did my senior practicum in nursing school at CHOA Egleston. So when I was ready to start applying to hospitals I wanted to work at CHOA first and foremost. Unfortunately, due to the economy there are very few opportunities to new grads at CHOA. I applied to all RN jobs regardless of whether they said experienced or new grad (there were none that said new grad). I got email after email that said they wanted an experienced nurse. Finally one day a nurse recruiter from CHOA called me and said they had saw my application so many times for other positions that they think they have one i might be interested in. So, i interviewed, took the exam and actually got the job So be persistant and dont give up. You want your name to stand out in their head. Also, if you get an interview be sure to send a thank you card the next day. I did that because there were 10 other interviews for my job and i swear that made me stick out in their heads because I went the extra mile. Good luck and hope to see you here soon!!
  5. by   HopefulRN2010
    Thank you soo much for all the info!! I graduate in June, and CHOA is my all time goal! That is where I have wanted to be from the very beginning. But when I looked on their website I saw they offered new grad jobs, but none were posted. So I wasn't sure if they would post them closer to graduation or if I should just start applying! I will def be doing EVERYTHING you suggested! I can't thank you enough! Thanks again!!
  6. by   RNJo
    Hi! I am also in the middle of interviewing with CHOA. Now that you passed the test and got the job (congratulations!!), I was wondering if you prepared for the peds exam or if you have any advice. Anything would help! Thanks!
  7. by   ngunini12
    I also plan to do the senior practicum at CHOA in the next fall semester and apply to work at CHOA after school. Thank you so much for your advice!