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  1. I have one more semester and am scheduled to graduate in December. Does anyone know of a good daycare that allows children to be dropped off before 6 in order to get to clinicals? I wish I had the family support, but noone in my family lives near.
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  3. by   minnymi
    most daycare centers don't open that early because of laws that only allow a child to be in care for 12 hours a day (or maybe it's 11.5). either way, you're going to have a hard time finding a center that opens that early.

    however, you can find an individual who provides care in their home that would be willing to take your child in at 5-5:30. i did childcare in my home for a short time after leaving the teaching profession and before entering the nursing program. i actually advertised on craigslist and lots of people do. i know people who would say, "OMG...don't find a childcare provider on craigslist!!" but if you interview them, tour their home, check their credentials, etc., i don't see how it's any different than finding a childcare center in the phone book.

    many retired teachers offer childcare in their home or currently licensed teachers left the field because they make more money providing childcare. in fact, i would recommend in home care over a childcare center. the only qualification to work in a daycare is that you are 18 years old, don't have any serious convictions, and that you have a GED. you can find way more qualified people than that offering childcare services AND their hours, rules, etc. are more flexible than what you'll find at a center.

    good luck!
  4. by   starmickey03
    I'm not in Georgia but I had the exact same issue when I was in school. Moved to a new state for my nursin program and knew absolutely no one. The day care center that I chose worked with me and opened at 5:30 on the days that I had clinical. Maybe you can call around and see if any centers would be willing to do the same for you.

    I don't see many places having a problem with that since its only a half hour earlier. Just check around. The worse that can happen is them saying no.
  5. by   lpenaloza
    Thank you for your reply. I suppose I am a bit apprehensive about general. However, I really need to figure this out prior to my last semester beginning in August. Last semester, I have Friday's covered and a friend who had just graduated helped me out and would come to the house, as I have two older boys who need to get to the bus stop as well. Just one more semester.....
  6. by   lpenaloza
    Starmickey03...I will contact the facilities locally this week. However, I have been told by others that they likely will not work it out with me. Thank you for responding. It just amazes me how other moms can finish nursing school with small children. I suppose they have a lot of family support outside of the home.
  7. by   minnymi
    well, it doesn't have to be craigslist. it could be the newspaper....or your local DHS office usually has a list of childcare providers that include centers and in-home care.

    i just said craigslist as an example bc it's where i advertised, but the point was that there are other options besides a daycare "center."

    people who are educated as teachers or in early childhood don't work for centers because centers pay minimum wage. not that centers are bad, but people often don't consider the alternative of having someone who is actually educated caring for their child outside of a daycare center.

    who's more likely to take better care of a child? someone making $7.50 an hour caring for 7 two year olds by themselves, or someone who is educated in early childhood who is making 150-200 a week per child? just's something to consider.
  8. by   lpenaloza
    Thanks for the suggestion, minnymi! I likely would not have thought of that option.

    Quote from lpenaloza
    I have one more semester and am scheduled to graduate in December. Does anyone know of a good daycare that allows children to be dropped off before 6 in order to get to clinicals? I wish I had the family support, but noone in my family lives near.
  9. by   kmp5
    Where do you live? I go to NGCSU nursing school myself (starting 2nd year at the Gainesville campus) but thankfully don't need daycare as my kids are old enough to be left alone. If you live near a hospital you may be able to find a 24 hr facility that mostly takes kids of hospital employees.

    I hope you can find someone or a center that will help you out. It's a tough position to be in.
  10. by   NAA MOMO
    I am in the same situation and it's crazy, it's been my only headache since I have been accepted. I did call a daycare at north georgia hospital, but lady said she is not sure they have drop in. Call back tomorrow. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Please let me know if you find one.🙏
  11. by   NAA MOMO
    Saw this, in case you are interested. Will call her tomorrow.

    I am offering affordable childcare in our home. Our home is smoke-free, drug-free and pet-free. I provide a clean and safe enviroment. I have 2 children of my own and have

    worked in the childcare field for many years. I have a clean background and clean driving record.

    I provide meals, snacks and drinks. The only thing i do not provide is formula/Jar Food for infants.

    During the day we do educational activities and have play time. We have a large room set up for children full of toys.

    I am available on short notice for part-time, after school or full-time hours. Please contact me for more details and rates. I do offer discounts for more than one child.

    We are located in Gainesville 30501 off Thompson Bridge Rd and are in Enota Elementary School District.

    Rates for one child:
    Hourly $3
    Daily$20 (full time hour day)
    Weekly $85 (5 full time days in a week)

    Please contact me for Part-time rates. I can be reached by email, phone or text.

    678-480-4018 - Call or Text
    Location: Gainesville
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  12. by   nurse0423
    I dont know where you live but there is a 24 hr facility in Cartersville.....

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