Chattahoochee Technical College Spring 2013

  1. I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013.

    How did everyone do on their TEAS?

    Any questions or concerns?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Since thread school and state specific, moving to our Georgia State Nursing Programs section. See other threads about program here.
  4. by   lnicole35
    Quote from CallieNM
    I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013.

    How did everyone do on their TEAS?

    Any questions or concerns?
    Hey CallieNM I also have applied in for Spring 2013 North Metro. I actually just "retook" my TEAS this past Friday and made a 74%, which seems horrible to me, however, I guess now all we can do is wait. I notice you said we would find out in October, I was under the impression decisions wouldn't go out until November? I'll definitely take October over November any day! Ha.
  5. by   CallieNM
    The lady doing the orientation I went to said we will have our letter "no LATER than November 1". So I took that as before November 1st? Because if she had said "no Earlier than november 1", then I would think after november 1? But I could be wrong, that's just what I had gotten out of it lol.

    I am so glad someone finally found me on here. I was worried no other classmates would find it and I just wanted to see who got on, who didn't, so that we all can help each other do better next time! Some people seem to have a problem starting again when they don't know where to begin, you know?

    I think your TEAS score is great! I had to take it a second time too. The first time I got a 65.4% and the second time I scored a 80.7% so you should be okay. Considering our average (and minimum score) has to be 54%!
  6. by   lnicole35
    Ha! It's bad that I took notes during that session and I still was thinking mid November. Also I did the same on the TEA, the first time I bombed it. Still wish I could have pulled higher. 80% is great. So glad to have found someone...heck...anyone applying. I've had a hard time finding any cohorts on these boards.
  7. by   lnicole35
    Have you taken the Diet & Nutrition class yet? Curious as I'm registered to take it this coming semester. It's the only one I lack.
  8. by   CallieNM
    We may be in the same class... =) I take Diet and Nutrition on Wednesdays at 10am at North Metro. I was told that although this class is a 2 credit class, it is tough. So looking forward to the challenge! Also I found the book on Chegg as a rental for $16. It was a good score!!

    How do the rest of your pre-reqs look?
    I have A's in everything except my Algebra I got a C. I am so disappointed with that because I think it is going to hurt my chances... I wish I would have remembered it transferred so low I would have retook it this summer.

    October and November are a long ways away. I can't wait for school to start back up so that I can get my mind off the waiting!!!

    Hopefully more people find us on here. If you know anyone you should tell them to join up so we can all talk. Hopefully we all become year long classmates!!
  9. by   lnicole35
    Shoot, I take the class on Fridays in Marietta.As for the rest I have all A's, well a 3.5 in the science part because I was in the ADN route and made 2 A's and a B in the A&Ps and Micro so that's my averaged grade but all As and a B in College Algebra.I will keep my ears open but so far I know no one going into the program to my knowledge. We must keep up!
  10. by   CallieNM

    How do you figure out your GPA for the classes?

    I also was in the ADN program and just switched over to this program. I got A's in A&P 1 class and lab and then A in A&P 2 class and B in lab. A in med term... what else is there? lol.
  11. by   lnicole35
    The LPN GPA is determined off those 4 prerequisites : ALHS, MATH, ENG 1101, and MED TERM. I was told to average my A&P II grade with my Micro to get my ALHS grade. Then just average those 4. Mine comes out to a 3.63. We must have been in the same boat, good grades but TEAS held us back. ;-)
  12. by   lnicole35
    November can't come fast enough!
  13. by   CallieNM
    I know tell me about it!

    I have been busy trying to find some money towards school next year. I have been apply for scholarships and writing essays, so that is keeping me busy. I ran out of the Pell Grant funding and I am not eligible for HOPE until March...

    Maybe we should just hibernate until Halloween... lol.:zzzzz
  14. by   CallieNM
    I wanted to tell you that I have a friend who is in the LPN program at the Appalachian campus. She was telling that she scored just below a 70% on the TEAS and she still got in. She said out of all the people that applied for the program only 16 met the actual requirements, so they didn't even accept 24 people into that program.

    I am sure your score it good enough! You shouldn't worry about it at all!!

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