Chattahoochee Tech Spring 2014 LPN Applicants

  1. Has anyone applied for Spring 2014 at CTC? It is a great time to get to know each other while waiting for that interview invitation. I met some of my classmates here and found that it made orientation and the first week of classes easier. I would be glad to answer any questions about the LPN program.
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  3. by   NadiaJ
    I applied for spring 2014. I'm pretty excited about it. Are you in the program right now?
  4. by   RH_Fan
    I applied for Spring 2014.
  5. by   acurry961
    I applied for spring!
  6. by   msuzalgeorge
    I've applied for the spring 2014 cohort! Has anyone heard anything about when you can expect the interview invitation? The wait is killing me!
  7. by   acurry961
    I got my interview invitation today. It's Oct 14th.
  8. by   NadiaJ
    I also got my invitation today. It is October 11.
  9. by   RH_Fan
    I got mine today. October 11.
  10. by   NadiaJ
    What time is your interview? Mine is at 8am. Maybe we will get to meet.
  11. by   dje5418
    Good Luck on your interviews!!! I think the advice we got was "dress for success." These ladies are a great group of women and they will treat you like real people. Google some of the "most ask questions for nursing schools" and you will know about what to expect. Also, If you have looked at the thread for our class on here then you can see what we went through while we were waiting and it may help to prepare you for the next phase. We were the first class to go through the interview process at CTC for the LPN program. Again, good luck and hope to see some of you on campus in January!
  12. by   RH_Fan
    Mine is at 2:15pm but if we both get accepted, we'll definitely meet each other.
  13. by   Lpnidy
    @accury961 I also got my interview appt date today .it's oct 14.. A bit nervous
  14. by   RH_Fan
    I am so nervous for my interview. How does everyone else feel?

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