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Thought it would be a good time to start a new thread for all of us that are applying to Chattahoochee Tech for fall 2013! I would love to see what you received on the TEAS and your GPA. I plan on... Read More

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    The waiting is torture I also received the email about timeline for notifications of interviews and such.... I wonder how many they had apply and how the list works? Good luck to everyone!!
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    So, this is the week of emails.... So if you don't get an email, is that your way of knowing that you did not make the cut? Will they actually send out letters to those that don't get in? We get to wait an interview request then wait on the acceptance! I hope to hear a lot of good updates on here soon!
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    I'm guessing only people that are picked for interviews will get emails. I'm going to be on pins & needles all week. Do you know what the interview process will be like? What kinds of ?s will be asked? Thanks and best wishes!

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    Aaaah, it's the week we're supposed to hear something back! I'm so anxious! Good luck to everyone!
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    I have a friend who received a rejection letter in the mail today. I think those who qualify will receive an email.
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    Oh no! Well I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but at least we didn't receive letters today, I guess that's a good sign. Sooooo nervous.
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    Yep! Only time I'm happy to not receive a letter! Hopefully we'll get news soon!
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    Oh no, so sorry to hear that about your friend. This means I'm going to be a nervous wreck going to the mailbox and checking my email. :-/ Hope we all have good news soon!
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    I set up an alert today on my Chatt email account that will send me a text whenever I receive a new email. I'm not going to waste a second! I'm a little obsessive...
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    Scared to death!!!!!
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    So, it says in the email from 5/24 that emails for qualified students will be sent the "Week of" 6/12, does that mean on the 12th? because the week started on the 10th. I don't want to check my mailbox now...I know we have all worked so hard to get to where we are now. I truly believe that whatever is meant to be will be, I just have a hard time accepting that whatever is meant to be is not what I want,but what is good for me
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    We are in the same boat! Best to you!
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    Just got an email about my interview which is next week, the 19th at 1015!!!!!!!!! I'm so freaking out! OMG! So excited and nervous. I have no clue what to expect for my interview. Does anyone have any tips?