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Thought it would be a good time to start a new thread for all of us that are applying to Chattahoochee Tech for fall 2013! I would love to see what you received on the TEAS and your GPA. I plan on taking the TEAS V in August and... Read More

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    They have posted the application online and you can mail or drop the application to the Austell campus. Has anyone heard what the teas scores are looking like from the current applicant pool??

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    Well I can tell you that I have a 78 and someone else in my class made a 92. Geez!! Way to knock out the competition! ! Scores will probably be all over the place!
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    Alright everyone - that time is drawing near!! I just took the TEAS this morning and am pretty happy about the results - scored an 88.0% overall. The math was roughest for me - I'm just weak in that area period. Breakdown of scores: Math 83.3, 85.4 on Science, an 86.7 on English, 100 on Reading. I really utilized the ATI Study Guide and also other online resources. I didn't study as hard as I planned, but I'm still satisfied with the outcome.

    How is everyone else that's applying for Fall coming along? TEAS scores for anyone else?
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    I recently made an 84 but I read last year they cut off at 84.4. They did change some things for this year but I'm sure it's still going to be who has the best scores. I applied for both this program and the PN program but really don't think I went to school for a certificate. I am going to apply for West GA Tech too. Their cutoff is June 1st.
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    I just received an email that qualified applicants will receive an email with interview dates and times the week of June 12. Here we go!!
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    Hi all! I got my email notification this morning about when letters are expected for qualified students. I'm so nervous b/c my highest teas score was 74. I do have a 3.8 GPA but I don't know if that will be good enough. Does anyone know what the interview will be like?
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    The waiting is torture I also received the email about timeline for notifications of interviews and such.... I wonder how many they had apply and how the list works? Good luck to everyone!!
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    So, this is the week of emails.... So if you don't get an email, is that your way of knowing that you did not make the cut? Will they actually send out letters to those that don't get in? We get to wait an interview request then wait on the acceptance! I hope to hear a lot of good updates on here soon!
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    I'm guessing only people that are picked for interviews will get emails. I'm going to be on pins & needles all week. Do you know what the interview process will be like? What kinds of ?s will be asked? Thanks and best wishes!

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    Aaaah, it's the week we're supposed to hear something back! I'm so anxious! Good luck to everyone!

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