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I went on the Georgia Board of Nursing Website to look again at the list of schools and what programs they offer. I see that Chamberlain has been added. I live in IL currently, moving to Atlanta in the spring/summer of 2012 and... Read More

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    I went to the open house this past Tuesday, and met the Dean and a couple of faculty/staff members. The campus is nice and very high tech. I definitely feel that there will be an intimate feeling in the classroom. It is expensive, but also remember that it is a private school, so compared to Emory or Mercer's nursing program's in the same range and/or cheaper. I am going to apply for the September 3rd start. I'm hoping that my courses transfer from my previous dedree which will reduce the total time and costs that I will have to spend at Chamberlain. In regards to clinicals, they pretty much said they have contracts with St. Josephs, Northside, Grady, Piedmont as said above, and other facilities (maybe nursing homes, etc.). Not sure about Emory either.
    Also, the tuition is only decreased if they accept your transfered in classes as a whole. For example, the whole 3 year program is approx $70k, it you transfer in enough classes to knock out the pre-requisites, it will knock your time down to a little over 2 years which is approx $46,800($7800 x 6 semesters) Seeing as though most of us have taken the pre-requisites because they were needed to apply to most nursing programs in GA, we will be looking at the lower figure. Hope this makes sense.
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    I'm applying too! The facility made me more interested as well. And then again, the history behind the school/program itself is very interesting. I'm in the process of gathering all my materials now.
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    I applied as well and I'm very excited. I've been taking my prereqs for quite sometime now. I can't wait to find out if I got accepted or not. Hope to see you all there.
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    You can only take the HESI exam twice.
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    Merged the two Chamberlain threads.

    I graduated from Chamberlain's online RN-BSN program in 2010, and I absolutely loved it. Spendy? Sure. But the quality of the program was evident. I imagine their brick-and-mortar version is just as good, especially at the newer campuses they're opening. Good luck, everyone!
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    Hello LunahRN!!! and welcome! how was your experience with Chamberlain?
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    My experience was great, even as a distance learning student. My advisors were responsive and helpful, and my professors were excellent.
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    Hello everyone!! I'm also applying sep. 3rd start date. I'm currently taking all my sciences to reduce the cost. I already have most of them done except the sciences... @ IslandRae do you know the deadline for sep 3rd (Fall) or is there one?
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    How was the hessi exams?

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