Chamberlain BSN program opening in Atlanta??? Chamberlain BSN program opening in Atlanta??? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Chamberlain BSN program opening in Atlanta??? - page 3

I went on the Georgia Board of Nursing Website to look again at the list of schools and what programs they offer. I see that Chamberlain has been added. I live in IL currently, moving to Atlanta in... Read More

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    My experience was great, even as a distance learning student. My advisors were responsive and helpful, and my professors were excellent.
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    Hello everyone!! I'm also applying sep. 3rd start date. I'm currently taking all my sciences to reduce the cost. I already have most of them done except the sciences... @ IslandRae do you know the deadline for sep 3rd (Fall) or is there one?
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    How was the hessi exams?