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  1. Hi
    I have been doing community health nursing for the past 13 years. I make about 100,000
    working for a hospital on salary basis. I can't afford to upgrade my house because although the housing market has fallen- a 4 bedroom is out of my reach. I would love to give my children a better way of life. I love my job but I would love to move to an affordable area. I'm thinking of Georgia- its beautiful, affordable living, diverse and progressive from what I hear.
    I have 3 kids- 9, 6, 3 - my husband is in sales.
    I know I would get a steep decrease in pay but I am willing to change if there is opportunity.
    So I'm wondering how the job market is for homecare nursing.
    What is the pay like and most importantly do you think I'm crazy?
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  3. by   Andrewboch
    What kind of nurse are you?
  4. by   cocot
    I am a RN BSN community health nurse aka visiting nurse
  5. by   socialworknurse
    I live in Atlanta and most people in our area have moved from other states, including us, mainly for cost of living and quality of life. It is much more affordable here. I would say the downsides are lower salaries and traffic. I don't know specifics on homecare salaries, but no you are not crazy! Where do you live now?
  6. by   GoosbyLPN
    So are u saying you can't raise or have a bettr life for ur kids off of $100,000 in Ga or do u live somewhere else?

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