bauder college in atlanta

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    is anybody in the RN program at bauder college in atlanta? I am an LPN already and was wondering about the program, like how long it is and how much does it cost etc. I am thinking about going there if it is faster than the other schools.

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    I know with the site not require captcha we can post easily
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    We are in the same site after post comment
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    Hey I just went for an info session 2 weeks ago. I past the first test !! The school has its pros and cons.

    This is a 15 month course that allows you to finish Nursing school faster than other schools thus far.

    The clinicals are based all around the city of Atlanta.

    They accept transfer credits

    There is no TEAS test requirement...(however you take 3 tests online at the school (common sense test, and Basic skills test, and computer knowledge test) 1 test if your an LPN computer knowledge test)

    It is convinent right down from GA Tech!

    They pay for the NCLEX for you!

    NO prereqs needed its all added in A&P1 and 2, micro, college math, english, psych, and humanities all added in the program in 15 months



    The total price of the ADN program $40,000

    You have to go to school everday (not a con really) but the program consists of 4 classes for each session which are about 8 of them. 6 weeks long for each session. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION there are at the most 4 classes per session some include sciences and nursing classes! THATS MASSIVE OVERLOAD!

    The school has only had one nursing class so far that started in June the next is in August (dont rush its already full).

    This is the initial approval by the GA board of nursing, but keep in mind that if they are not successful in having students pass the NCLEX that will most likely change.

    They are like a feeding frenzy for $$$ They ask you to sign promissary note before even being accepted into the program....HUH...REALLY

    Now if you are dedicated and not working and push the limit to succeed we dont know BECAUSE it hasn't been done yet!!

    I will go through with the process, but not sure if I will be attending...still looking into this with a FINE TOOTH COMB!!
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    I totally agree with you! I've REALLY been looking into the reason as to why it's so high......hmmmmmmm....and it's not even a BSN. I didnt have to pay that much for my first Bachelors degree! it was under 30k actually.
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    Does anybody know whether Bauder College had a bridge program for LPN-RN? I know they haver a RN program but do you skip some classes if you are a LPN?
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    is the kaplan test hard for the rn program?
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    futurenurse0331 i take the test entry test for the rn program i could not pass it i didnt understand nothing about the test is their anyone that take it and pass it that will be able to help me please
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    @haitian i have a good practice questions for that just passed mine with a perfect score of 35 hit me up and will get you those questions in your email.
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    i have a good practice questions for that just passed mine with a perfect score of 35 hit me up and will get you those questions in your email.
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