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by Andrewboch

Has anybody graduated from Bauder College's 15 month nursing associates degree program? Built in prerequisites from my understanding. I was wondering if this is a good college and if it was easy to find a job after graduating.... Read More

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    If the transfer in, you will have your tuition lowered and when other students are taking classes you will be able to sit those out..
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    How much is the average starting for entry level LPN's?
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    I am due to take my Kaplan test at the end of the it very hard?? or what should i expect. i am glad i made the wonderlic score for the RN program, but the exam is making nervous.
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    I'm interested in going to this school. How often do they accept students??? I've taken all my prerequisite classes so all I have left is nursing classes... I put in my info online for them to call me back to set up an appointment. How long did it take for them to respond?
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    i would suggest you calling them. hundreds of people call every month about the program.
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    Hi, I'm starting the LPN program in a couple days, Can anyone tell me what to expect?
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    hey alexisjazz....was the kaplan hard?? omg pls tell me lol
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    Would you be able to work in this program?
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    im going to try!! lol..i guess depending on if you transfer credits in and i think some classes are online
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    Hi, What questions or website did you use to practice for the test?

    Quote from bellamia1015
    I am excited that I have been accepted into Bauder College for the AND RN program for the February 2013 term. I found out about the nursing program from my neighbor who is currently in the ADN program, she told me to look into it because so many people here in Georgia are having a hard time getting into nursing schools. The program is only a little over a year old and its fairly expensive but I thought I should give it a try anyway. My initial contact with the school was on November 8, 2012 when I attended the nursing info session. ****** gave the presentation and explained all of the requirements.It seemed to be a good program but the price of $348 a credit hour is really expensive, especially in comparison to a community college that costs $85-100 per credit hour. I stayed for the entire info session and took the Wonderlic test. I didnít know what to expect but for the RN you need to get a 24 out of 50, and the text is only 12 minutes. I got a 17 on my first try so that really sucked. I was told that I could come retake it after 24 hours. I was still leery about the overall cost of the program, which is $40,000, but the cost can be reduced depending on how many classes are transferred in. So I took some time to really think about if I wanted to commit to the cost before I retook the Wonderlic.I talked to a few people I know who are LPN and RN licensed in Illinois and Georgia. So about 2 weeks later I went back to retake the test and I got a 23, one point from the needed score for the RN. But since I scored passed the LPN program requirement I was allowed to come back to take the KPT the following Friday. When I took the KPT it was supposed to start at one time but they didnít call us for almost one full hour. The test was ok, it was Reading and Math, some questions were confusing but itís the stuff you either know or you donít. Afterwards they give you the score and I passed good enough for the RN program, but since I needed one more point on the Wonderlic I had to retake that. I came back the following Monday and retook it and thank goodness I got a 24 needed for the RN. I brought in my application and paid the $10 enrollment fee. I had to fill out a ton of forms, but I guess this is how the for-profit schools operate.It felt like I was signing a contract to attend school. I have never had to do such a thing and I have a Masters degree. After that I went straight to take the drug screening at the urgent care that they use and completed the background screening online. I had to go back to the school to meet financial aid. When I did that they have you fill out more paperwork, which I have never had to do at any other school I have ever attended. Then they take you to the computer to complete your student loan promissory note. That part was really fishy to me because I still hadnít found out if or how much financial aid I qualify for. I was with financial aid for a hour and the lady still couldnít package me because my transcripts werenít reviewed yet. I figured to give them an extra week to look at my transcripts, because since I already have a degree many of my gen eds are done, except for the sciences. I went back on December 14, 2012 to interview with the Director of the Nursing program. Before the interview I had to complete this interview questionnaire where I guess they score your answers to determine if you qualify to get in the program. She seemed to be a nice lady and the interview wasnít as hard as I thought it was going to be. She asked me when did I decide to go into nursing but I think she just wanted to break the ice to see would I give the typical response. She said she had already decided to admit me into the program, which I was so happy to hear. I went back to admissions to meet with my rep to find out about my transcripts, which still hadnít been reviewed, and I had turned them in on Dec 3, 2012. I had to go over to the registrar who quickly reviewed them and accepted my gen eds, which transfers 29 credit hours, so all I need is the sciences, I took A&P 1 lecture but I will take the lab at ATLM in the Spring. And I still need A&P 2 and Microbiology. I went back to let her know ****** said she will be accepting me into the Feb 2013 class.I tried to take to my financial aid rep but she was not in, so I will be calling her on Monday to get the info, because that is the part that is scaring me because cost is so high. But from what I calculated it wonít be as expensive as I think because I transferred so many classes in., as it should take off almost $11,000. So I am going to keep my fingers crossed about the financial side because since I have a degree I donít think I qualify for grants anymore. So Iím excited that I may be starting the program in Feb 2013 but I donít want to go into debt trying to get the RN license.Also while I was there I spoke with several people in the program and they seem to like it, they are just ready to be done. They were all on break while I was waiting for my interview and they said that they change the schedule of things all the time and just make sure to keep my schedule open from 7 to 7 M-F. I spoke with my neighbor who is about to start her clinicals and she said they told her she may have a clinical on Saturday. . I still need to complete the physical and turn in my immunizations. Iím just gonna remain positive and think about my future.