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Has anybody graduated from Bauder College's 15 month nursing associates degree program? Built in prerequisites from my understanding. I was wondering if this is a good college and if it was easy to... Read More

  1. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from ebrooks1013
    Got accepted!
    Me too!!!
  2. by   gudoudoh
    I'm going to an informational session next Thursday at Bauder and I'm wondering if they have a time limit on pre reqs...also if you have completed all pre reqs do you have to attend all 18 months of school
  3. by   jasminej
    I have recently moved from California to Ga. and I'm considering applying at Bauder College, Atlanta. However, this is my dilema. I was issued a medical marajuana card in Ca. and it is not valid in Ga. and I intend on adhering to the law. I need to know if the drug screen is a urinalysis test so I will be able to pass it within 30 days. Please advise...
  4. by   kkmaheia
    I graduated from the LPN program in Feb. passed boards in May and starting a job tomorrow!! It was def a huge sacrifice and a lot of hard work but it payed off. Good luck to you all!
  5. by   kkmaheia
    If the transfer in, you will have your tuition lowered and when other students are taking classes you will be able to sit those out..
  6. by   kyang
    How much is the average starting for entry level LPN's?
  7. by   msnaijabarbie
    I am due to take my Kaplan test at the end of the it very hard?? or what should i expect. i am glad i made the wonderlic score for the RN program, but the exam is making nervous.
  8. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    I'm interested in going to this school. How often do they accept students??? I've taken all my prerequisite classes so all I have left is nursing classes... I put in my info online for them to call me back to set up an appointment. How long did it take for them to respond?
  9. by   msnaijabarbie
    i would suggest you calling them. hundreds of people call every month about the program.
  10. by   alexisjazz
    Hi, I'm starting the LPN program in a couple days, Can anyone tell me what to expect?
  11. by   msnaijabarbie
    hey alexisjazz....was the kaplan hard?? omg pls tell me lol
  12. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    Would you be able to work in this program?
  13. by   msnaijabarbie
    im going to try!! lol..i guess depending on if you transfer credits in and i think some classes are online

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