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  1. Hey, just posting to see if anyone else is applying for the Fall 2012 nursing program at Augusta Tech, GA.Louise.
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  3. by   emsk
    Quote from Britmum
    Hey, just posting to see if anyone else is applying for the Fall 2012 nursing program at Augusta Tech, GA.Louise.

    I am. Just waiting to hear if I got in or not. Hopefully it will be soon. Last year I think the students found out somewhere around this time.
  4. by   Britmum
    Yay, I'm so glad to hear someone else applying :-). I am dying that we haven't heard anything yet! I called last week and she said it could be July :-(. I'm hoping we hear sooner than that though.
  5. by   lwhit
    I have applied to their program as well and I'm anxiously awaiting to hear something. How did you guys do on the Pax-Rn?? I am just curious as to what the average score is for the test. Also, please let me know if you hear anything back. Good luck to both of you!!
  6. by   Britmum
    Hey lwhit :-) I got 139 on the PAX. My math really dragged me down though. What did you get? I'm hoping we hear something soon!
  7. by   Pegasus65
    I got a 134 on the PAX and frankly I was surprised I did that well. I have not taken chemistry or physics. It was pretty hard for me! I know a couple of other people who got like a 141 and I think a 145. Not sure what is average score though.
  8. by   Pegasus65

    I sent you a PM. I was not able to see your entire post about calling the school. Think the site had difficulties or something.
  9. by   emsk
    Wow ya'll did really good on your PAX test, congrats. I got a 110. Did really great on the science and math but the lit., surprisingly, is what dragged me down. I dont know what the average is either. I hope it wont be late in July cause the suspense would probably kill me by that time. Good luck to all of ya'll (:
  10. by   Britmum
    I hope it won't be too far into July. I know I'll need to take titers for my vaccinations because I don't have a shot record. I also may need to sort out before or after school care for my kiddos, but mostly I'm just impatient, lol!I found the science part of the PAX okay but I had already taken Chemistry, biology and A&P before. English was okay. It was the math that kicked my behind. I'm not that bad at math but I think I just panicked and left alot unanswered to go back to but I ran out of time.
  11. by   emsk
    I'm normally patient but for this I'm soooo not. I pretty sure my shots are up to date...hopefully haha. It was a crazy test. I was sooo anxious because of the time crunch. 3 hrs was just noooot enough.
  12. by   Britmum
    Ughh yes I could have done with 3 hours just for the math section!!
  13. by   lwhit
    I know exactly what you all mean....the suspense is killing me as well. I scored 150 on the PAX. Luckily, I have taken numerous chemistry courses and two physics classes which definitely helped me out. I am more concerned with my GPA keeping me from getting in though
    Also, do any of you know if we'll receive a letter through the mail or will all communication take place via Smartweb? I was unable to attend an information session because I attend school in Athens and none of them worked around my schedule, so I feel out of the loop.
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  14. by   Britmum
    lwhit, a 150 is fantastic!! I would be soooo suprised if you didn't get in with a score like that! What grades did you get in your pre-reqs?
    I think that they send us a notification vis Smartweb and then they send us a letter in the mail. It seems like that's what they did last year anyway. I think they then tell you when to go to the college to pick up your packet.

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