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So I am in Nursing school in Maryland right now and I would LOVE to move to Atlanta for a job. I'm at University of Maryland, Baltimore's BSN program and I graduate next Dec. 2011. Why is it in Atlanta does it seem that al... Read More

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    Hi guys! I don't know if this is off topic or not but do you guys think where you go to school pays a big role when you look for a job as a new grad nurse??

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    no. i went to one of the best in the USA and no one in Atlanta wants to hire me 'cos I'm a yankee and I'm used to better pay. i'm having to travel nurse to make ends meet. I've been a nurse for 4 years. My advice? Cleveland Clinic takes new grads and is a great place to train. low cost of living. lots to do.
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    Thanks for your reply. I got accepted into a school for Spring. But I am debating whether I should apply other places. In Georgia, around atlanta area, Georgia State, Kennesaw, and Mercer seems to be known to have a very good nursing program. I am wondering if I should try my best to attend those programs. Scared that I won't be able to land a job after I graduate..
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    St Joseph's (which didn't appear to make your list of choices) has a two year contract for new grads. First year is spent in rotations orienting on several different floors, second year is working on your floor of choice.
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    Atlanta nurses,

    just to get started, I'am an RN in the state of Georgia. I'm currently in the Atlanta area,

    specifically union city. I have over 5 years experience as a lpn working in ltc and subacute in NJ. I recently

    became an rn with my associates and now obtaining my BSN on-line and would like to gain employment in a

    hospital setting, i prefer med/surg to get started. I applied to many positions at grady hospital and got

    turned down on all of them. I called some hospitals in the area who said i don't fit the category to apply

    for a rn residency position because of my experience as a LPN..... I was wondering if anyone has any advice

    on where to apply for a med/surg position or even a sub-acute rehabilitation unit. I would even consider

    home-care, however visiting nurses of atlanta turned me down as well. If anyone knows the secret to

    obtaining a position in the atlanta area can you please tell me.

    Thank you, a frustrated but determined RN
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    I have heard that Landmark Hospital (in Athens, GA) may need help. They are an LTAC.
    Have you tried Emory hospitals? Emory University Hospital Midtown?

    Sign yourself up with Nursefinders. They may be able to help.

    There is a hiring fair at Gwinnett Medical Center next Saturday. I'm going! You should, too!

    I've tried Piedmont and they will make you take a math test and a nursing test BEFORE they even interview you for certain positions.

    Now, other hospitals give an orientation med math test after you've interviewed and accepted the position. Usually in a quiet room. You know, so you can concentrate.
    Piedmont (Atlanta) had me sit at a computer desk in the corner of the waiting area of the receptionist's BUSY and LOUD office. They gave me "noise cancelling headphones" (the headphones did NOT work.) The online math test was timed. If you made a mistake you could not go back and fix it. It was so noisy in the office that I just couldn't focus. I missed some of the easiest questions on the test because I forgot to convert LB to KG. I missed the passing score by one question.
    The interview ended there.
    This is coming from an ACLS certified RN with 4 years exp, a BSN, and a passing NCLEX score on the first and only try!!!

    I just wanted to share this story for any out of towners like myself that you can expect some pretty fierce weeding out tactics if you even get an interview at all.

    There is hardly any travel work down here as well. I am ready to pack my bags, and take my family elsewhere at this point!

    Good luck to all of you reading this.
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    Thank you for the reply... Also thank you for the list of hospitals in the area that I can give a try.. I had to come back to New Jersey to work and will be unable to attend the open house today.. I hope you have much success at the open house leaving with an position offered to you.. That sucks about the hospital that gave you a test in a loud atmosphere.. Even during the NCLEX no noise was aloud, right!... I was down in the pitts yesterday, was having a conversation with one of my best friends when Grady Crestview Rehabilitation gave me a call about an interview...I believe it is a affiliated with Grady hospital since their web site is where I filled out the app.. I agreed to it however, I would like a little bit of hospital experience but will see what its all about. So that is next week and hope its worth the expensive air flight ticket, since its last minute...
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    Quote from rocknrollnurse
    I just wanted to share this story for any out of towners like myself that you can expect some pretty fierce weeding out tactics if you even get an interview at all.

    Uh, yeah. I switched jobs from the Rome area to CHOA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for the out of towners) and was kind of shocked that they make you pass an NCLEX-like pediatric test before you move on with your interview process. If you dont pass, it's like, 3 months before you can take it again and try to interview. Totally different world!

    But, I love working there and have been trying for years to land a job there, so I'm thankful in the end.
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    sassy 123!
    the Gwinnett career fair is saturday the 27th but you might not be around. I got another travel job for now.
    I can apply at Piedmont again in 90 days (if I am still in ATL!)
    Good luck on that interview!
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    rocknroll nurse, thanks for all the info! I have an interview set up at Piedmont and am going to be taking the math there any med questions on there or just math? Any tips for what I should be studying??? THANKS!!!! And I hope you've found the job you wanted!

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