Applying to Georgia Highlands. Do they require a waiting period when retaking TEAS?

  1. I am taking the TEAS this Saturday, the 11th. If I do not do as well as I want to I will retake the test. The application deadline is September 15th, so I am concerned about not having enough time to retake it if I need to. Does anyone know if Highlands requires you to wait a specific amount of time to retake the test? I did not see anything in regards to this on the website. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   prettymica
    Hey I am a student in the LPN-RN bridge @ GHC. I took the TEAS twice within 2-3 weeks and no one said anything to me. I hope that helps. Good Luck !
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    Great thanks!
  5. by   A&OxNone
    Ga Highlands grad here! Just want to say good luck!

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