Applying for Georgia Highlands Program Fall 2013

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    I have several questions about applying to the Georgia Highlands RN Program...

    1. Does anybody know if you have AP Exam credit how that is scored on the application worksheet. I took AP exams for US history and English. I got A's for both classes and the grades show up on my high school transcripts.

    2. I took Micro in the fall of 2006, there is a six year limit on science courses, would I still be able to use this class if I applied this fall?

    3. I took survey of calculus would this still apply for the math credit?

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    I think you should just call the nursing department and ask them. They will be able to quickly and effectively answer your questions. There are too many grey areas here, and I don't think anyone else will be able to answer them. Good Luck
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    Moved to the Georgia State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Hey, send you a PM

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