Anyone taking the hesi for fall nursing program w/Darton - page 5

I'm scheduled to take it June 1. I just want to see is someone scheduled for that day or any other day in june. I know that is the only test month that Darton is doing for the fall. Anyway if you... Read More

  1. by   JBRN08
    [color=#00ff00]hey bonnie,
    i applied to the albany hcp track and i have not heard anything yet. i looked to see when previous fall bridge students received letters and it was around the first of august.
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    if this is the case we would only have about 10 days or so!!! yay!
  2. by   BonnieLPN
    Thank you!!! I am so impatient...I just want to know!!
  3. by   JBRN08
    I do too...look I think I figured out a way to tell if accepted or not. Idk for sure but you know when you first start there you can check you admission status it will show your admission status, major ect...before hand it says pre-nursing right?....mine has changed from pre-nursing to nursing...idk if it means anything tho as I said. I'm hopeful tho
  4. by   BonnieLPN
    Mine still says pre nursing, so I hope you are wrong!! If you are right congrats and good luck. Please keep me posted on here when you get your letter.
  5. by   JBRN08
    Lol I hope so!!
  6. by   JBRN08
    And I will let you know when I get the letter...sorry about the short response I was at work yesterday when I replied. Idk if this really a way to tell or not sure you will get in!=*)
  7. by   BonnieLPN
    I checked again today...still says pre nursing. Darn it!!
  8. by   galuv28
    Hi Darton Fall 2012 class...Aug 20, 2012 is the big day!!! "Study Group Idea" ...Someone brought this 2 my attention about having a Nursing Study Group on Facebook. *The more resources we have, the better!!! *The concept of the Facebook Study Group; If we had a question or idea to share, we could post on that page and bounce off of each other if we needed to. With that being said...if you guys are down for it...I will make one and post the name of it.
  9. by   galuv28
    I created the study group on facebook...hopefully it's a hit, it's called: " Darton Fall 2012-14 Nursing Study Group "