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Hi everyone, I know there is a lot of time to apply but I missed the deadline for Fall 2012 and I was just wondering if anyone else is applying. This is a really good website to share information... Read More

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    has anyone gotten or heard of anyone receiving a rejection????
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    I havent heard anything yet.
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    I keep checking OPUS.. this wait is making me so nervous. :/
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    I just noticed that I have a campus emory email now.. does that mean I'm accepted? any one else?
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    Wow!! I didn't know how to locate the admission letter online and I finally did, I'm accepted!! Any one else? This is so exciting and I really hope that I get to share my excitement with you guys!!
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    Congratulations lafemme!!!!! Everyone should log onto the accepted students site and join the fb cohort group!!! I'm the only one who has made a comment so far;(
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    Congrats lafemme! So exciting!
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    Thank you all!! What is the fb group called?
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    Emory nursing 2013 cohort but I think you have to go through admissions to be added...go to the nursing homepage and click on admitted students....log in using your opus info....then join the fb group from there...
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    Thanks Terriblysns!
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    No problem. Goodluck to all of those still waiting on Emory &/or other institutions!!!
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    Congrats lafemme! I remember chatting with you before. Do you mind sharing your stats? Are you doing traditional or the accelerated?

    I send happy thoughts to everyone still awaiting an answer. Hopefully I will see y'all next year!
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    Hi meep!

    I have a 4.0 GPA 86 TEAS and I'm doing just the traditional BSN one. When are you going to apply to Emory? next fall?