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Hi everyone, I know there is a lot of time to apply but I missed the deadline for Fall 2012 and I was just wondering if anyone else is applying. This is a really good website to share information... Read More

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    Wow. That's great. I don't have a strong teas so that makes me feel better knowing that the teas isn't a Deciding factor any more

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    Hey everyone,

    I've applied for the BSN 2nd degree program for fall 2013 too. Can everyone post their cumulative GPAs and math & science GPAs as well as TEAS scores so we can all have an idea of what the applicant pool looks like and what stats are competitive? I'm really nervous because my overall GPA is only 3.29, but my prereq GPA is a 4.0 and I've taken a lot of advanced chemistry classes...any info from yall would be great!
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    also, did any of yall not major in science?
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    Quote from baesyung
    I hope I can be confident as you!

    Since my stats are not strong enough, the waiting is already killing me >_<
    what are your stats? I'm not very confident about mine either...
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    Here's my stats.

    Overall gpa : 3.59
    Pre-req gpa : 3.86
    Teas V : 82

    But I needed to submit my TOEFL score as well,
    Emory preferred the score of above 100, but mine were only 94.

    And I just got an acceptance letter from Mercer's fall program, but I'm waiting to hear from Emory first.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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    Hey how did y'all get your opus login info?
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    Did any one else receive a letter with their list of prerequisites they have left to complete if accepted to the program.
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    Did anyone on this site apply for the Woodruff scholarship? Are there any recipients of the scholarship monitoring this thread? If so, what were your stats or if you know a friend that got it their stats were????
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    Yes I got an email and it is also in my TO DO LIST. I asked if I needed proof that I'm currently taking it.. and she said no. It just need to be completed.
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    Maybe since we got that info so early that's a sign of acceptance already

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