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anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

  1. by   mom2011
    I hope you get in GSU. Will you work while in school? I did not take any classes at the Decatur campus. I admire people who work and go to school while maintaining A's. School is difficult enough not sure how I would have been able to do both.
  2. by   Alliecares
    Yeah, it was tough, but I made it. I have to admit, it made me a little tougher and less of a procrastinator. However, I probably have a few more grays than I started with. I hope that I get into GSU too. If not, I'll put plan B into action.
  3. by   Alliecares
    Mom2011, what are your plans? What is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice? I hope that you get in too! Then, we can all support each other through this...
  4. by   mom2011
    Hey Allicares,

    My 1st choice is GSU, then Clayton, then GPC. But If I dont get into GSU then I will attend Clayton in the Spring. The list of items to purchase and things to due by the December 1st deadline for Clayton is huge and on top of studying to pass Chem. II its more than I can manage right now. That is why I am hoping we here somethig soon from GSU. So that I know what I am doing. My friend only applied to GSU for the Fall 2011, and she got in, but I am postiive she was in the top .5% if you know what I mean. She is a beast... GPA, program and Teas. I still dont know how she has managed to get all A's and A+ in every class for the past two years. She is my hero. I have never meet someone that has passed all of her test, quizes, finals, papers with a 95 or better score.
  5. by   Alliecares
    She's my hero too!!!
  6. by   mom2011
    If I did not know her personally I would not believe it. She is a great mom and student. We started together Januany 12, 2009. She keeps me going. She also makes me want to do and be better. Gotta go back and study this Chem.II talk to you later.
  7. by   Alliecares
    Study hard Mom2011!

    Has anyone heard anything today? I'm at work and won't be able to check my mail until later.
  8. by   hlee
    Nothing here =(
  9. by   iceangels30
    Just checked. Nothing here either. :/ BOO.
  10. by   iceangels30
    Anybody heard anything today? Registration opens tomorrow. :/
  11. by   sn.amk
    No, nothing today for me. However I am not going to be first round pick anyway. (GPA 3.5 and TEAS 87.6). Hope fully we will hear from some (4.0 and over 90's) of the top of the class. It would be great to know that they were moving on the applications. Anyone hear anything yet? Anyone hear of anyone who heard anything? OK...maybe just a little anxious. Good Luck All, :spin: AMK
  12. by   yayaccepted
    i have a 4.0 but my teas is not over 90 so i'm not sure where i stand. i got my letter (last time) two wks after other ppl did who had a lower gpa & teas. not sure how their sys works, but yes, it would b nice to know if anyone has gotten any response

    nothing here, but my mailman hasn't come yet today . i'll let u know if i hear something! good luck to all!
  13. by   hlee
    I doubt I'll hear anything first either my gpa is 3.5 and teas 90 ... I'm not home today so couldn't check the mail!!!

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