anyone applying to Georgia state Spring 2012 program? - page 8

anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

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    ^^ Yeah. Same here. My friend was one of the last ones to get one last year for the Spring semester and she recieved her acceptance letter on October 24th. :/ Maybe there were alot of applicants so it is taking longer?? I hope that isn't the case. >__<

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    I bet they plan it so we get them in the mail on saturday so they don't have to screen angry phone calls
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    Hahahahahahahaha. ^^^
    That is a good point! If I were in that position, I probably would do that. :P
    Well, guess I'll check the mailbox when I get home.
    I kinda wish they would just tell us! D: I'd like to know what I can register for on the 25th.
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    Anything anyone...?? I doubt Ill receive the first round of letters bc of my gpa .. Just want to know if anyone has heard anything!! Im still checking my mailbox everyday hoping to hear SOMETHING!
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    Haha. Same here hlee. My GPA wasn't the best. :P
    Just gotta keep waiting. >______< Roar.
    We'll hear soon enough.
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    Mail did come, nothing today.
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    Yeah I just checked my mail...Nothing...
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    I am still waiting on the mail too... Clayton State sent their letters out and some people have already received theirs. I am sure we will know soon.
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    Crickets over here...
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    crickets here too

    Alliecares- same here, & would luv to meet everyone so we could connect names to faces

    mom2011- hey i went to gpc newton too, my last semester was spring 2011...& i'm in conyers also! we may know each other already, hmmmm....

    will b checking the mail again 2m good luck and GN everyone, or should i say good morning! lol

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