anyone applying to Georgia state Spring 2012 program? - page 6

anyone applying to gsu spring 2012 my GPA is 3.4. Im retaking the teas i got a 76, i think, the first time. i asked before but not to many people responded, so im asking again:D.... Read More

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    Hey guys!! I emailed the advisor and asked when the letters will go by she said By november in mail... Yayaccepted.. I have seen previous threads too for Spring 2011 and some received letters the second week of Oct!! Thats probably why I freaked and starting checking my mail box like crazy. Alliecares.. thanks for stalking the nursing dept for us !! =)

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    @Yayaccepted- I went to the Decatur & Dunwoody campuses.
    @ Swall- I talked to that person too last week. I disregarded that 6-8 week answer because I guess I didn't want to believe that she knew what she was talking about! ;-)
    I'll try again today to see what they say.
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    Alliecares.. Thanks!! Please let us know what they say! I also went to Decatur campus at GPC =)
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    Hi there Hlee, my GPC Decatur homie! Ok everyone, here's the stalking update for today- hot off the press! I just hung up from the nursing department & the lady that answered the phone, said that she was preparing some letters right now to be sent out today or tomorrow. I'm really nervous now!!!
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    Hi Alliecares!! Thanks! Thats great news!!!!! Wow. So nervous.. If I am correct, by reading the other threads it seems like the top applicants receive the first round of letters.. I wonder what the average gpa and teas score is!
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    It seems like that to me too. From the other threads it seems like 4.0 gpa's & 90+ Teas scores get the 1st batch. I don't know where I'll fit in. I made a 90 on the TEAS, but that gpa sure isn't a 4.0, a 3.9, or a 3.8. I'm having a hard time figuring out what it is. Does anyone know how they calculate your program gpa if your previous bachelor's substitutes for the core-curriculum classes?
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    Oh my. How nerve racking this all is. >__< I went to GPC too. Dunwoody. lol.
    Everyone! Keep checking your stuff and don't forget to inform your fellow pre-nurses! Hahaha.
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    So we could potentially get a letter by the end of week?
    Pheww! I applied for this semester because I was told it was less competitive. Reading your posts and last years, it does not sound less competitive at all!
    You all sound like shoo-ins.
    Good Luck All!
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    Swall- nope don't mind at all. gpa-4.0 and teas- 86.7% (i'd like to think i will get in again but i won't feel safe until i receive that letter!) maybe hard to believe, but really, i'm just as nervous as everyone else...

    Alliecares- awww, was hoping i knew u from gpc. interesting though, a lot of us are from gpc
    oh & thanks for being the best stalker ever! "hot of the press" lol... that was funny! hang in there everyone, we shall be hearing something real soon! hopefully all good news!!! crossing my fingers & toes for all of us!
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    @Yayaccepted- Hopefully we'll get to know each other Spring 2012 at GSU!!!

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