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My ADN application is officially in at Augusta Tech and I'm also going to apply to Aiken Tech next month, as well as a few other area programs (in radiologic sciences). I figure the more apps I have... Read More

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    Went ahead and got all my scrubs and supplies this past weekend! Ready to get started.
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    Got mine this weekend too! Just need to finish all my health forms and CPR.
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    We have to get CPR certified before we start? I didn't see that on anything.
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    Hello to all applying and who have already been accepted into the fall 2011 class at Augusta Technical College. My name is Jacob Thornton, and I am the current Vice president of the student nurses association here at Augusta Tech. I would like to inform you all about the new Nurses Association here at Augusta Tech and all pre-nursing as well as current nursing students can become a member of our organization. Those of you who have already been accepted for the fall 2011 class will hear a lot more about this in the new nursing student orientation session later this week, but for those of you who did not get accepted, or are not quite ready to apply, or who for those who just started taking pre-requisite classes for nursing school will all benefit from this organization. We administer clinics on nursing math, answer any and all questions you may have about the organization, have a monthly meeting to discuss the things that are currently being addressed in the program, and help those of you who are applying to have a better chance at being admitted. We also provide a number of resources to nursing students and don'f forget about the scholarship opportunities. As a member of this organization you also become a member of the NSNA and GANS, these both have a number of scholarship opportunities available just to it's members. Feel free to contact me for further information, or contact one of the instructors at the school to discuss the organization further.
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    THe teachers dont care at all about u or ur situation it is very hard. They expect u to follow procedure yet they dont follow procedure themselves, they are liars and they talk amungst each other about the students, there is no private conversations there. I over heard the chair of the dept say that the students problems arent as big as we make them out to be and that she basically just doesnt care. Good luck
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    yes u do.
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