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Hello, Just curious if anyone out there is applying to ABAC's spring 2012 program? Also curious about the average GPA's accepted...I have a 3.0 right now..wondering if I stand a chance since they do not require an entrance exam.... Read More

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    Thank you! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! The Pharmacology final is Monday but, I was just wondering if they look at the grade you make in that class to determine who is accepted since they do not require an entrance exam?

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    I currently attend ABAC myself and from what I have been told by my advisor, ALL of your grades are considered when getting into the nursing program. The higher your GPA the better you chance of being accepted. Also Pharmacology is a preresiquet for entering into the program. You must make at least a 75 in the class to pass or you have to retake it. Also the grade is only good for 1 year on your transcript. If you go over the 1 year mark of going into the nursing program, you will have to retake the class. Hope this helps.
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    SBMB, are you in the Nursing Program at ABAC?
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    No I just completed the Pharmacology, and I do not want to go into the Nursing Program until the Fall. So I am going to finish the rest of my core and go into the program in the Fall.
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    I've been debating on going to ABAC for their LPN to RN bridge program after I get my LPN license. My only complication is that I live almost 3 hours away.

    What is the list of pre-reqs they require for the bridge program and couldn't I do them at a college in my area and have them transfer over to ABAC?

    I will be fine going to the program once a week, but if I had to travel 6 hours daily to and from for pre-reqs, I would be exhausted!
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    You can do the pre-req at another college. ABAC has their transfer articulation (list of the classes from your chosen school and the equivalent classes at ABAC, and whether the class will/will not transfer) on their website. There is also a list of pre-req for the nursing bridge prog. The program meets one day a week if you're accepted into the bridge program, and from what I understand it's a loooooong day. But I've heard nothing but good things about the program. I'm currently doing core at Georgia Military and have applied to ABAC for the bridge. The other posters were correct, there is a pharm class that you must take from ABAC and it has to be within one year of your beginning the bridge. You can take it online though.
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    HADD7 did you get accepted into ABAC?

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