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  1. Hello, Just curious if anyone out there is applying to ABAC's spring 2012 program? Also curious about the average GPA's accepted...I have a 3.0 right now..wondering if I stand a chance since they do not require an entrance exam. I have applied to darton's spring program too. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   sappergirl
    I am not sure what the ABAC program is, but I am currently applying to Darton for a Hybrid Traditional nursing course at the newly approved Ft. Benning location and am curious about the online nursing program and how students feel about it. Is it harder than being in class face to face? What can I expect? Excited but nervous. I also will have to take the HESI Exam in about a month. I have not taken A&P in about 3 years. I need to study for it, but I am also currently taking physics at another school which is difficult and takes up a lot of time. How hard is the HESI Test and what can I expect from it?
  4. by   blackbarbie83
    I'm currently enrolled in my third semester of the Hybrid nursing program at Darton College. The hybrid program is hard, but rewarding nonetheless. I actually think that the hybrid program is actually harder than the face to face because you have to be very self disciplined in order to retain any information. We test on campus usually after clinicals which can be very tiring, but I love it and I can't believe that in less than a year I'll be done. The HESI in hindsight wasn't very hard, but get the study guide and make sure that you study your conversions. Anatomy and physiology wasn't too hard but you should still review when you can. The study guide really guides you so it's well worth the purchase. Aim for a decent overall score and you should be fine as far as entry is concerned. Good luck to you as far as entry is concerned. I'm not in the fort Benning program I'm actually in the Albany Hybrid, but all of our work is the same. The only advice that I have is to get technically savvy because you'll need it. Good luck again!
  5. by   sappergirl
    Thank you for your advice and the information you gave. I figured the online hybrid class would be harder just from taking regular online classes before. I am assuming that the 5 semesters it takes to complete everything are consecutive and there are no breaks except for normal holidays and spring break? I noticed on the hybrid nursing program application it states we have to show evidence of prior learning in an on-line format...What evidence do they need or require? also we have to type a 1-2 page written essay documenting that experience and reason for choosing a career in nursing. The nursing part I could handle, but it doesn't take long to describe taking an on-line class. Any suggestions or advice on what they are looking for in that paper?
  6. by   blackbarbie83
    The evidence of learning in an online format is just letting them know that you've taken classes before online and how well you did in them. They want to make sure that you are a self motivated learner and can handle not necessarily learning in a traditional educational format. For me all of my pre-reqs were completed online so I just stated that in my essay as well as the fact that I had made the dean's list while being in that format. The track is just as you stated which is 5 semesters straight with minimal breaks in between (I'm so looking forward for graduation!) lol! But other than that that's about it. I heard that they are actually in the process of starting another hybrid program this coming spring semester so I wish you the best of luck!
  7. by   sappergirl
    Thanks for the info. I am applying for that new hybrid program for spring semester for the Ft. Benning area. I hope I can get in. I saw the ad in the paper and it is only giving me 2.5 weeks to get all of my transcripts, applications and immunizations record in. I am 41 and haven't seen an immunization record in a very long time. I am just hoping I can get the blood work done and the vaccines I need done in time. I am new in town and I am not established with a physician, so going in as a new patient is not as quick as I would like it to be! Ohh the stress, but I am sure it is only the beginning!

    How often do you have to go in for exams and clinicals?
  8. by   Ol Timer
    Hello HADD7,

    I am in my last semester at ABAC. I am going through the bridge program and will be done in about 3 weeks. With regards to the GPA all I can say is that I had a 3.9 on my science cl assess, but I have spoke with individuals who only had a 2.9 and got in. It just depends on the number of students that apply and if you do the Generic (Basic program for individuals with no medical experience) or do the Bridge program (for LPN's, Paramedics, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Techs etc.)

    I don't know much about the Generic program, but I know that the Bridge is hard, since we only go to school ONE day a week. So basically we sit all day long going over power points and then when we go home for the rest of the week; it is basically a self study time, though the instructors are available via phone or email. The tests are "unique". Each one is individually worded by the instructor that taught the class which can make for some interesting arguments after the tests. But it all depends on home much time you have to put into the study of each chapter. Bad thing for the bridge is that many of us are "older" and we have families and must work to pay the bills, which takes time away from studying.

    Though ABAC does not have an entrance exam. . .they do have an EXIT EXAM. This is not publicized a lot (don't know why). But if you do not pass the exit exam, you do not gradutae and if you don't graduate, you can't sit for NCLEX. You are given three attempts in the Bridge program. I was lucky and passed the first time. But I think that in our class of about 32 that maybe 5 did not pass, but I am sure that they will all do fine in a couple of weeks when they take it again. As ABAC is kind of backwards in this area. They teach a class to pass the HESI after the first test, not before.

    Well I hope this helps and if you have any specific questions just ask.
  9. by   HADD7
    Austin1, thank you for all of the information! I just got accepted into Darton, but as I was looking at the overall NCLEX scores...ABAC always scores higher than Darton does on it. That's my only concern. I applied for ABAC, but won't know anything until Dec. 12th so IF I do get accepted to ABAC I'm going to have to pick between the two. I heard ABAC has a good program!
  10. by   HADD7
    Also, My GPA is only around a 3.2. I scored an overall 88 on the HESI for Darton & an 88 in the a&p section of the test. That's probably the biggest reason I got accepted to Darton. I know with ABAC there's no entrance exam and my GPA really doesn't "stand out" so I'm a little worried!
  11. by   Ol Timer
    I really don't think that you have anything to worry about with your GPA. Like I said, I have seen people with worse GPA's at ABAC.

    But the bottom line is that you have already been accepted to a nursing school.


    And yes, ABAC does have a higher percentage of the graduates passing the boards than Darton does. I think part of that reason is our HESI exit exam. The school requires us to pass this test in order to graduate, where as other schools only require people to take the test, not necessarily pass it. We have been told that if we pass the exit exam (HESI) with a score of 900 or above, that the chances of passing the NCLEX on the first attempt is very good.

    I wish you luck with your decision. I am somewhat biased and think that you would probably learn and retain more at ABAC. This is just based on the posted passing rate at the Ga BON web site.
  12. by   HADD7
    Thank you! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! The Pharmacology final is Monday but, I was just wondering if they look at the grade you make in that class to determine who is accepted since they do not require an entrance exam?
  13. by   SBMB
    I currently attend ABAC myself and from what I have been told by my advisor, ALL of your grades are considered when getting into the nursing program. The higher your GPA the better you chance of being accepted. Also Pharmacology is a preresiquet for entering into the program. You must make at least a 75 in the class to pass or you have to retake it. Also the grade is only good for 1 year on your transcript. If you go over the 1 year mark of going into the nursing program, you will have to retake the class. Hope this helps.
  14. by   HADD7
    SBMB, are you in the Nursing Program at ABAC?