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Hi everyone! So, I am curious as to what your work schedule is while in nursing school. I don't need full details. I am mainly curious to see what shift at work you prefer while going to nursing school. I am starting nursing... Read More

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    i worked 3 shifts a week plus every vaca day and holiday, and my grades didn't improve until i got married and didn't have to work my senior year because my husband, who graduated from college the year before me (not in nursing) was earning more than the both of us had brought home together in the previous two years combined.

    the end result was that i had a 2.85 average when i graduated, and
    years later when i applied to grad school i had to take two graduate-level courses first to prove i wasn't as dumb as my undergraduate transcript said i was and could handle graduate school-level work.
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    Any advice on how to get a job in a hopsital when you have no medical expierence at all? I have graduated with my BS in Business Management so I have that going for me. Just something part time to help cover some bills while in school.
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    Depending on how much $$ you need to bring in....Apply for a Unit secretary position or tech position, it pays peanuts but the experience will look great on your resume, and the schedules tend to be super flexible which will work well for your school schedule. Good luck!
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    I am thinking I may go for the night shift. I am also thinking if I work nights I may just be able to work full time and manage nursing school. I am thinking about it. I am not working at the moment, I do need to find something soon before my savings runs out. My grades are really good in school and I really don't want them to drop. Oh good grief, decisions...decisions...

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