Work as a part-time PCT and do ABSN?

  1. I recently accepted a job at a hospital (I was the only person they

    interviewed because I was referred by an employee) at which I would work 2

    times a week, 12 hours each time. I will be an accelerated BSN student in

    May, and after reading online and talking to people who have been in the

    program, they all say it is extremely difficult to work and study. I'm

    debating whether or not to tell the hospital that I won't be able to work

    because it would be unfair to them, and it would affect my studies. Is this

    a wise decision? Or should I stick it out and then quit if need be? Will

    this burn bridges with this hospital and the management that runs it (it

    runs lots of hospitals in the state I live in)? Would there be any point

    applying to this hospital, or the management again?

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  3. by   SleeepyRN
    How accelerated is your BSN? Have you taken the science gen-eds? Would need a little more info, but only you can decide what you can handle. I worked on average 1 day/week and had no problems with that. The worst problem I had was due to insomnia, not work related. Everyone is different though. Some of my classmates didn't work at all, some worked FT with children. Would your hospital allow registry instead of PT? That's what I did. My only requirement was to work 2 shifts per pay period, so if I knew I had a big week coming, I didn't work that week, but worked 2 days the following week. Its up to. Looks great