Will I regret Nursing too???

  1. In my first year of college I was very much undecided in what I wanted to pursue as my degree. I kept switching back and forth from chemistry to bio and bio back to chem. I even contemplated psychology and law. Finally, in my junior year as a chem major with a bunch of random classes on my transcripts I had an epiphany and decided to declare Nursing as my major. I applied to my school's nursing school and got wait-listed and was extremely worried because I was 22 at the time with no near date of graduation set for me. I applied at another school and fortunately got accepted

    I am currently considered a sophomore in the 4 yr BSN program and have heard other students and faculty talk about how nurses and nursing students get to a point where they question if nursing is what they really want to do in life. Striving for a nursing degree is the best choice I've made and I wish I would have known this since day 1...I'm just a slight bit concerned that I too will get to that point of questioning my future in nursing. I really hope not because I want my degree already AND I don't want to feel like I spent over 4 yrs in college for nothing. I don't want to feel undecided again. Also, I am curious if anyone has gone through that feeling of doubt and what might have happened to drive you there or bounce you back into your nursing passion..??
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  3. by   metricalpound
    I think many people get stressed with the classes and then question whether if going through the stress of school is worth being a nurse. But after they pass the class that was stressing them out - it's all sunshine again.

    And there are a few that really hate it and really do regret it - you can tell by the way that they are in clinical. They don't care.

    The best thing for you to do is go through this program, see if you like it or not. If you do - then great! If you don't - you're still in your early twenties. Some people have to try a few things before they find the one thing that they like. I should know - I'm that type of person.
  4. by   nurse-ellie
    It's a great profession - so many options, great people to work with, so rewarding!
  5. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    First of all, I just want to say that no profession is perfect. One is not going to like everything about one's job or duties, whatever career that might be. You're going to have good days and bad days. You're going to love your job, like your job, hate your job, and wish you never went into the field. That, is with any profession. It is up to YOU to make the most out of it. You take the good with the bad. Attitude is everything.

    With that said, I'm sure it is normal that some doubt themselves while in school. School can be hard, stressful and difficult for some. One wants to know that he/she is making the right choices for one's self. One's reasons and goals for entering nursing need to be solid. One needs a definite opinion of why one should enter this field. This reason for entering nursing, is going to save you when the going gets tough. One will need to remember or be reminded of WHY one is in nursing school in the first place. Do not lose sight of it.

    So, you are in school and find yourself doubting your decision. You need to ask yourself, is it worth it to continue or do you need a change of plan? You've already stated that you have changed majors several times. Do you want to go back to square one and start all over, again? You've made the decision to attend nursing school, so stick it out.
  6. by   kuhRN
    Nursing school is very difficult. I remember questioning my choice to become a nurse several times while in school. When the going got really tough I just reminded myself why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place. Everyone has their own reason for becoming a nurse. Let me emphasize to you that if the only reason you chose nursing was because you want to graduate and have a career that pays a decent salary then you are in for a rude awakening. Nurses work amazingly hard every day. You deal with difficult patients and there have been times when, at the end of the day, I swore I wouldn't go back. And there have been times when, at the end of the day, I felt like I had made a difference and remembered why I became a nurse in the first place.

    One of the great things about nursing is there are a ton of options. Good luck with your career!
  7. by   Tinkx RN
    From what I have read...I think because u have the feeling of concern in your future, u won't regret it because you care about your future. I truely think that if you didn't want to be a nurse. U wouldn't have chose to major in it since you had other options that u turned down. If you keep the reasons of why you have choosen to be a nursing major replaying in your mind, you'll stay on track. If you need more inspiration then just think of a dream career and apply nursing to it and there you go you'll have yourself a goal to work towards. For example I enjoy working in educational settings but I didn't want to be a teacher/professor so when I applying nursing to that I came out with working as a school nurse, working in higher ed in the school clinic or even working in health promtion. There are many possiblities and oppurnties nursing has to offer because its so diverse just do some research and I'm sure you'll find something you'll really enjoy doing with a nursing degree. If not your still young and you could do something else. Take it from me I have a bachelors degree for social work and now I'm going back to school for nursing! Good luck with everything
  8. by   futureRN_Anastasia
    Nursing school is difficult, but so is every program at a university level. No one better than you can tell you whether you will regret it or not. For me it was a change of career, and since I didn't want to make a mistake again, I took two years of very varied volunteering - social work, rehab (physiotherapy), hospital (ER where I could see what nurses do), walk in clinic. It gave me an opportunity to make a much more informed choice. I am at the end of my 1st year of BScN program (and some times at the end of my wits too), but it's great. I love it. So my advice is: go and volunteer in different settings, and you will find what you like.
  9. by   Qtip
    I've had similar indecisions. During 1st semester at 1 point I thought I made a mistake. But I'm actually enjoying nursing(still a student) more than I expected. There are so many different jobs in nursing I know that if not right away eventually I will find an area/job I do like and until then I will love the other aspects of the job such as the pay and only working 3 days a week.